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for Avonlea's Brightest Son

7/22/2008 c3 11bmcgeeparker
I know it's been a realy long time since you last updated-almost four years- but this is actaully a pretty good story. Most fics I read turn out horrible because the author attempted to add their own made-up events and end up getting their facts wrong. If you do decide to continue this, it would be greatly appreciated. You've got some talent.
7/15/2008 c3 13hondagirl
I really enjoyed this, it's one of the best Gilbert centric stories on this site. I know it's been quite awhile since you've updated, over four years, but I do hope you come back and finish this. You have a wonderful way of writing and I love all the background interaction with the other characters, it makes for an enjoyable read.

1/28/2008 c3 6smallrose
Hey, are you ever going to continue this? 'Cause I really like it so far and I've been waiting for months for Chapter 4. Thanks.
1/14/2008 c3 seyi
love it! can't wait to read more!
9/21/2007 c3 5ArabianHermione
Wonderful job :)

can't wait for more
9/16/2007 c3 8Freawaru
Love it! is there going to be any more?
9/13/2007 c3 42PalisDelon
Do you have any plans to finish this story?
8/15/2007 c3 1The Randomist
I really like this. Are you ever gonna update?
6/30/2007 c3 total-bookworm
That was, by far, my favorite fanfic yet! Sadly, it doesn't look like you'll ever update again, which is a shame. I hope you continue to write, i found that story very enjoyable to read and well written
6/28/2007 c3 justine260
I must say that I love this story. It's one of the best fanfics that I've read. Do you still intend on continuing it?
5/26/2007 c1 8stonedangel
wow long chapter! just the way I like it. you might want to consider updating this story bc it's the best LM fanfic I've read so far.
5/24/2007 c3 piccolabimba
This series is wonderful! please update soon! You really seem to be getting in to Gil's head. It' fun to see how other people (especially Gilbert) see Anne.
4/11/2007 c3 1sugarspun
please update soon! although there's probably not much chance of that because you haven't updated for 3 years. but i thought i'd review anyway.
4/8/2007 c3 Catie R
This is a great fic. I like hearing hte story from GIl's point of view. I wish there was more up!
2/9/2007 c3 1EmmettPrefersBlondes
Wow! I'm really interested in your story! please add more soon!
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