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for Avonlea's Brightest Son

9/9/2005 c2 Buried in Thought
ARE you continuing this story?
7/8/2005 c3 20rcaqua
This is a great story. It's nice to see something from Gilbert's POV, and it's very well-written.
6/25/2005 c3 5decoupage
I like it! I hope you update soon. =)
5/11/2005 c3 2annecordelia
Hey! Where's the next chapter, I was getting into it, and it's felt like years since you've updaterd
4/23/2005 c3 2miget girl
i love this story it's really funny and i hope u keep writing
4/3/2005 c2 8xanya-forever
Please update soon! Don't forget about this fic! I know I've already reviewed, but I really want more of this fic. Sorry to bother you. I'm the eager type!
3/21/2005 c3 Andrea
Hi there! I've just read the first three chapters of your story, "Avonlea's Brightest Son," which I really like. I noticed that you haven't updated it since September, though. Are you planning to keep it up?

I like your writing style, and I think that you're incorporating the canon world of "Anne of Green Gables" really well into your fanfiction.

Please let me know if you are or are not going to be finishing this story, so I know whether or not to keep checking up on it.


3/20/2005 c3 MKane
Hey, Great Idea, A deeper Look at Gilberts Life, accurate to the script and character-very well done. I look forward to ch4, Do it as soon as you can!
3/9/2005 c3 pencil gal
It's now March and still no chapter 4. I'm down on my knees and begging you to update. Please?
3/3/2005 c1 annecordelia
I've been waiting for ages and ages for this to continue, it's great! Hear me, great! C'mon, get those keys typing!
2/12/2005 c3 6The Liz
Oh very very good! I love this story, it's extremly well written and almost seems like Montgomery herself wrote it. Good job! Please update soon!
1/31/2005 c3 Nat
This is realy great and well written story.

Plaese continue this. It is such fun to see events from Gilbert perspective. And I think that you capture the spirit of book and characters very well.
1/25/2005 c3 4Sheyana
It's great, I've always wanted a Gilbert POV! Update Soon!
1/24/2005 c3 Kath7
What a great story so far! Gilbert was always my favorite character, and it's fun to get his pov on all that transpired. You write very well.

Can't wait for more!
1/16/2005 c3 Aura Lea

this is really good... you capture Gilbert just as i imagined him. he's funny and witty but clueless at the same time...

please write more!
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