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for Avonlea's Brightest Son

9/22/2004 c3 30pencil gal
That was a fantastis third chapter. And about time it was posted as well. Loved the convo between Gilbert and Charlie as well as the one between Gil and Diana.

Lookin forward to chapter 4. Hope to see it up soon.
9/20/2004 c3 1ltnikki
Very interesting. Its hard to write like they did way back then..and you've done a pretty good job. The adaption is from his point of view but still sticks to the facts.

keep writing great chapters.
9/20/2004 c2 eyn
write up!

can't wait for more...
9/19/2004 c3 10Star-Goddess-Sunaru
Very good story! And this is exactly the kind of ficcy I wanted to read; Gilbert's POV, well written, and amusing. Keep it up! Update soon!
9/18/2004 c3 Ally
This is absolutely perfect and AOGG in Gilbert's POV is truly great. Only problem is the lack of chapters! More plz and soon!
9/18/2004 c3 Buried in Thought
Thank You for updating! I love this story! I hope it doesn't take so long to write chapter 4.
9/17/2004 c3 52paxbanana
I'm glad I ventured into this forum. I don't usually look at fics here, but I was greatly rewarded.

Loved it.

You keep everyone in-character, stick to the plot, and you have a great writing style. I adore Anne of Green Gables, and I think this is a great compliment to the novel-and that's saying a lot.

I'm eagerly awaiting the next chapter.

9/15/2004 c3 6Space-Case7029
Good chapter. Look forward to more.
9/15/2004 c3 seldenae
You finally updated! Can't say I blame you, I'm like that too. I loved the third chapter, nice on Gilbert's perspective. Perfect characterization, and I can't find any nitpicks. Hope to read Chap. 4 soon!
9/14/2004 c3 sweet-opium-dreamer
hey i just luv ur story! u write jus like L.M.Montgomery! anyways hurry up with a next chapter!
9/14/2004 c3 Lynn
I love your story and I hope you continue it all the way to the two of them getting married that whould be cool! Hope to see an update soon!
9/13/2004 c3 AdeptatHumanError
Oh, thank God you've updated. I've been in major need of a fanfic fix. I was beginning to lose hope! But I'm glad you're sticking to your story. It has a lot of potential. Plus, I've been waiting for this chapter especially. I've always wanted to hear Gilbert's side of this specific chapter. So thanks for taking on this daunting task, I know it's a chapter we all know and love-their first real meeting, so it must have been difficult. You did great. Be lookin' out for the next one. :)
9/13/2004 c3 4chicken puffs
Excellent work! I swear, you could be the next L.M. Montgomery! Update soon!
9/13/2004 c3 LimeJuiceTub
Brilliant! Highly entertaining. Gilbert's thoughts are very well thought out and in character.
9/13/2004 c3 eyn

this makes me think of harry potter...i dont know why..

the best. continue? from what country are you?
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