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10/14/2012 c1 6animemaster26
Beautiful Just...Beautiful...It was amazing :'3
3/11/2012 c1 7OverLordy
Oh dear sweet Cthulu.

I can't find words to describe how I feel about this. Is there a cure for that? Please continue writing, you, you wonderful person you.
6/17/2011 c1 71Shadow On The Full Moon
I loved it!
5/22/2010 c1 7Cadaver Carnivorum
Poor Edgar. Poor gentle vulnerable warm caring beautiful Edgar. I feel that warmth. Perfect, indeed. But what a pity...
12/3/2007 c1 deadthingsdontfly

That was pretty intense. I found it a little repetitive at times, but frankly it just seemed to work that way.
6/2/2007 c1 NeraFX
Fucking Christ! Edgar always has to die, doesn't he? Sad, but appropriate. There couldn't have been a better ending. There never is. It's perfect. And sweetly so.

Nny... so messed up. He could love Edgar until he dies, but no. Now he has no one. No one! *shakes fist* Nny should use his brain more. ;_;

By the way, that sex scene was hawt. I like how it was so descriptive, but... not.
10/29/2005 c1 3opiumsmoke
What is it about beong sick and thinking up kinky yaoi. It's like you come down with the yaoi rather than the flu...bizzare. Anyway...Holy shit that was hot...except for the suffocation...
7/30/2005 c1 6Bootstrap Begley
Oh God, this is great. So much feeling coming from the words on the screen, I swear I was beginning to feel the same way. I feel the same way for my love, although he claims he is ugly. The only thing ugly there is me. The difference is, he still doesn't know how I love him. And he is not mine. But, all in all, I am definitely going to always remember these words. You've just defined something I couldn't. Thank you. And once again, keep writing.
4/16/2005 c1 12Rinny Z
Aw. Nny is happy now. But.. Edgar is dead. ;-; Yes. He is. I think. -reads last paragraphs-

This was amazing. -hugs laptop tightly- D;

Kudos. It was beautiful.
12/28/2004 c1 2Blistex
How did this get by me?

Oh, I like this. The ONLY yaoi fanfiction of it's kind. It's hard to describe. Vague, detached, but...

Well, shit. This also made me laugh, too. I started wondering, while reading those descriptions of pleasure, muscle tensing and sensation, perception and what not, how much ATTENTION you payed when you orgasm. xD HAHAHA!

Or if you're really just a good asumer. O_O (Like I am!)
9/11/2004 c1 Soraka-chan
Hi Zarla! I didn't know you had a account! ^^
8/18/2004 c1 24Zelda
Wow. This story is full of squishy goodness! It's not graphic smut, it MEANS something, and captures Nny's obvious tangle of emotions really well in my opinion. Thank you, please keep up the good work!
8/4/2004 c1 21Dillon
Oh, gods. Beautiful, hopeless. Amazing.

I'm going to go think for awhile.
8/2/2004 c1 1roxxed13
Your writing is beautiful. There is nothing else I can say.

The sex scene got the point across and wasn't graphic. You made it so that even prudish people could think it a beautiful and wonderful thing. (I know. I got one of my friends to read it and she /hates/ sex scenes in stories. They gross her out.)

I love your writing. I must go read your other JtHM stuff.
7/16/2004 c1 1EddieChoseLife
Doctor man: Well, let's see what we have here...seems to be a classic case of Fangirl-overdose-induced-coma-itus. We can see this by the vacant stare in the subjects' eyes, and occasional twitch of the mouth, and see that little bit of drool there? Usually caused by the reading of a amazing fic on the internet that was too much for the subject to bear without going into severe mental incapacitation. There is only one known cure- to put the author of the fic onto subject's 'favorite author' list and steadily read all of her fics in small chunks so comas won't happen again. However, subject should know that due to the huge talent of writer Zarla many more comas are probably going to occur.

Eddie: *drol*

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