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7/10/2021 c1 Guest
Finnish your ethics paper, anyway it was great
12/13/2011 c1 happy123
can you make a sequel for this, if it's possible?
7/13/2010 c1 20Pheonix09
Nice job, I loved it
1/26/2009 c1 MistressOfRobins
CUTE! Love TYKA! So sweet and fluffy :-)
5/12/2006 c1 Experimental ANgel234

Alex: Yeah Barbie your not ba-*Get hit wiht the coffe pot of doom*@_@! Ow!

E.A: Never make Anige pissed! Too bad Alex realized it too late!

Tina:*Shrugs* Oh well! Anyway, the summary rocked and the story is way cute! Good job!

E.A: Here*Hands Chibi Tyson plushie holding his Beyblade* Cute huh? Just hid it from Tala/Kai/Rei if you don't want it to be stolen!

Tina: Ja Ne!*Calls 911* Hello? My friend got hit wiht a coffe it's not a joke!
3/3/2006 c1 2Time-Again
T.A: *grins all squirmish and happy* Aweh. Its so cute ^_^

This would be a great actual story if they were to maybe hit a bit more of a problem when Kai awoke. But for a one shot fluff, this is so awesomely pretty ^_^

Wolfe: You...need a life -_-;

T.A: *hits him* I do not! I have a good one, reading prettyness such as this! ^_^ *attachs self to Angevar* Baha. Thank you! *runs away*
9/3/2005 c1 2allieb13
5/1/2005 c1 16Cryysis
its so kawii! i really liked this and i hope that u make another one or amke another chapter to this, well, i gtg, later!
4/23/2005 c1 2wownothanks
Woohoo! GREAT! Loved it ^-^
10/19/2004 c1 1Silver Dragon of Evening
KYAH! so fluffy! i luv it!
10/2/2004 c1 TK 4-ever
^_^ plez make a sequel I am a MAJOR(times 10) TysonKai fan. Can't get enouf TyKai can you ~.^?
9/7/2004 c1 10akari-hayashi
Wa wa nice nice! I luv this kinda fic! They just made you so happy and swoon in delight and bliss. Kai is simply the cutest...
8/11/2004 c1 Zap Cannon
i liked it wot can i say?, i know * eats 3 bags of sugar* WHE ^_^
8/4/2004 c1 Yami sami
8/4/2004 c1 27Lrigelbbub
That was cute^^

be safe

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