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5/31/2004 c7 5Yuki Haitani
OMG! This was so touching! *tear* I mean, Eclipse was all crying and stuff and I don't know what it is man but when serious and unemotional dudes cry...*sniffle* It just makes me want to cry TOO! *Yuki Haitani runs away sobbing and yelling something close to "Eclipse is so hot! I wish I could actually see him cry!"
5/15/2004 c7 3PrincessKrystal01
that was so sweet
5/14/2004 c1 Sally Sells Seashells
O.O *whimper* Poor Raenef! I am quite intrigued...good start! It makes you want to read more. And you try to fight that need, but you can't. You can only click the button and read...and read...and read...o.o;
5/12/2004 c7 4fireash
very lovely story. thought it was sweet. glad they got together. thanks for sharing!
5/11/2004 c7 Rose
WONDERFULL ending. *happy dance* :D Yay!
5/7/2004 c7 22Lady Lemonade
*Pokes contacts* Danged things... keep my eyes so dang dry I can't cry it was so sickeningly sweet...
Saga: *On Cloud9* Oh... you liked it more than I did... and I love this stuff more than Anti-Virus companies with virus-makers...
Cursed: It sucked. *A shocked silence*
HP: Are you joking? The grammar, and spacing, the wording, the description... it was all excellent! You rarely find good stories with good grammar these days!
Cursed: Yup! I loved it! *Hugs the story* Have a great day/night! ^_~
4/29/2004 c7 Wizard
Wonderful, I love it, a perfect ending!
4/27/2004 c7 1GreenElfyGirl
whoot! I liked it! there was some grammatical things I would have changed, but hey, ya got your point across.
Hm... I have a lot of characters like Rain. Is that bad?
*Jeremy looks over* Probably. We'll all rise up and kill you. *chuckling darkly*
*me* oh, go eat silver bullets...
4/26/2004 c7 20THElaughingUNIVERSE
All good things must come to an end I suppose. I LOVED it though, I don't mind slash, (god I feel like I'm the only one here who doesn't know the japanese term for that) Awsome story, hope to see ya around! ^-^
4/26/2004 c7 12Trickster Kitsune
This ending was so sweet! I loved it! This was such a great story! Good job!
By the way, I did review the last chapter... But FF.net was being tempermental and I don't think the review went through. But I loved the last chapter too! -falls over from happiness- ^_^
4/26/2004 c7 33foxhiei
too bad you ended it that way. i think it was a great story, just don't like the end. should have killed chris or at least set him on fire.
4/26/2004 c7 ochibi-chan10
Aw! That was so cute!(: Is there going to be a sequel? I sure hope so! Your an awesome writer! I can't wait to read more of your stories!(=
4/25/2004 c6 Wizard
WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT! That chapter was great, it's got me all ready for the next one, so hurry up and write it all ready, lol!
4/25/2004 c7 1Crimson Skye
Yeah right . . . 'unwanted burden' pfft.
You'll be happy to know that I'm ploughing through writing the next chapter without Ruby . . . Rain better not have killed her . . .
4/25/2004 c6 Crimson Skye
. . . you spelled 'threw' wrong . . .
Skye: Ertuis is great . . . Chris is kinda clueless though . . . ANSWER THE QUESTION, ECLIPSE! I still haven't found Ruby . . . RAIN! DID YOU MURDER RUBY?
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