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4/18/2004 c3 ochibi-chan10
I love this story! But could you try to make the chapters longer? Pretty Please!Update soon!(:
4/18/2004 c3 Nanashi-ojisama
^-^ Interesting so far! I will pester you about your grammar, but that's all! ^-^ Can't wait to read the rest! ^.^ Ganbatte kudasai!
4/18/2004 c3 1Crimson Skye
Ruby: I thought you said killing was bad?
Skye: Not if it's the bad guys.
Ruby: . . . is Rain a bad guy?
Skye: -_-U Rain already wants to kill you. I suggest you don't say that to her face.
Ruby: ?
Great so far, Rosey!
4/17/2004 c2 12Trickster Kitsune
This chapter was so short... I need more! ^_^
I loved so many parts of this chapter. Especially these few lines:
"A crack of thunder sounded in the distance, and the cell was suddenly filled with the pounding of rain. Drops, blown inside by the wind, landed of Raenef's face.
The sky was crying."
I guess I love this story so much because it reminds me of the torment I put my own characters through. ^_~
I can't wait for the next chapter!
4/17/2004 c2 2Silent Sorrow
If you could be more descriptive about the surroundings, it would make the fic much better then just a lot of talking and a few details. ^_^.
4/17/2004 c2 ochibi-chan10
Poor Raenef!); Please update soon!(:
4/16/2004 c1 Strega
Not crappy! It's interesting. Please continue.
(But why did Chris burst in and say it wasn't Raenef's fault but also add that 'She was my cousin.' TIt felt like he added that just to remind everyone.)
And pour sweet Raenef, he alwasy has it so hard. I hope he gets to blast the baddies...(As if that's going to happen)
4/16/2004 c1 12Trickster Kitsune
O_O... Please update soon! -gets down on knees and begs- Please? This chapter wasn't crappy! It was great! ^_^
4/16/2004 c1 20THElaughingUNIVERSE
Crappy? Are you kidding...that was awsome..I love it. I can't wait for more..PLEASE update soon! Hm...I feel inspired to continue my Demon Diary story now...laterishness! :)
4/16/2004 c1 33foxhiei
like the story so far. keep it up.
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