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4/20/2010 c13 Sublime Subtlety
It sucks that you didn't finish. =[ I was just beginning to see the events and a possible romance really unfold.
11/5/2007 c7 2Aiakia
Heh, the line "At first he had been worried, after all, who was he, if not himself?" reminds me of a line from the move I Heart Huckabee's. It's sad, I can't remember anything about it aside from "How am I not myself?" Ah well.

This seem really interesting so far... I could have sworn I read this...but as I read further, I don't think I have. Shame on me. Ah well, I'm reading it now. I'm excited to see where you take this.
4/25/2005 c13 37Lady Psychic
Another great chapter. Keep up the good work.
4/23/2005 c13 Gerbil X
Great job, very nicely done! Also, sorry for the horrible grammer and spelling in my last review. I don't remember exactly sinse it's been so long, but I must have been in some kind of rush...
4/23/2005 c1 2Jillato
Wo-oww, very powerful, nice chapter! I give yah 2 thumbs up!
4/22/2005 c13 9DameKaight
Oh! So cute...Sephiroth has finally found out who his mother was!

I love your story! Update soon, and put some fluff in! ^_^
4/22/2005 c13 thegr8sephiroth
very nice. I look forward to reading more.

"I'm Suicidal"
4/18/2005 c12 37Lady Psychic
You're doing a great job. Keep it up and update soon!
9/17/2004 c12 Gerbil X
Real great but the chapters are way to short... or maybe im just used to 10,0 word chapters( ok maybe im exagerating but the y are realy long) Anyway heep up the good work.
7/31/2004 c12 20Noacat
I think you did a fine job. Don't be so hard on yourself, geesh! There are just chapters like this that are down time, you know. You need a point to take a break from the manic pace of the story to develop the character's personalities. That's what this is. Without breaks like these, all the story becomes is the characters running from one place to the next. So hurray for you...and hurray for this chapter. Update soon, yo! Ciao!
7/31/2004 c12 102SetsuntaMew
Yay, I've been waiting for this! I think it's a good chapter, even though it is a bit short. But, I still like it.
7/31/2004 c1 20Madcap Minstrel
Good stuff. Curious to see what's gonna happen with Tifa since she didn't run over to Aerith crying with joy that she was alive again like she does in other resurrection fics.
7/30/2004 c12 Izpalluzado
x_x omg, it's been so long. Stupid, stupid job, taking away my free time.

Ok, less complaining, more reviewing! I love how this story's turning out! XD Way to keep up on the...everything! Don't worry too much about chapter 12, it's not as awful you make it sound.

I'm keeping this short because it's pretty late, but keep writing! My old threat still stands!
7/26/2004 c11 Virus
First of all good job. This is pretty good work.

I think it's interesting that you're using the Sephiroth from Kingdom Hearts, not that it's a bad choice 'cause it's not, I just haven't seen anybody else do that. Also I think you should delve into Aeris and Sephiroths history together.
6/24/2004 c11 102SetsuntaMew
Don't you dare kill Aerith!

It's a great fic, I love it very much! I hope you continue it soon.
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