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9/5/2016 c6 13kotak13
1/12/2011 c6 Guest
no updates scince 04? 04! come ON! update!
3/13/2009 c6 Bootlegger
I'm totally enjoying this fic! Keep it up, I'd love to find out what happens!
11/3/2006 c6 9Jaynaru
please update ive been waiting for about six months please update PLEASE!
5/14/2005 c6 2ScratchKitty
Yay! I'm enjoying this, and I hope you update soon! (heh, I'm one to talk! lol) Keep up the good work! Definately not enough Avengers fics around here!
4/16/2005 c6 7Captain Kobold

Good stuff. I don't read the current run of the Avengers, I get the UK reprints, which are alwas a few years behind the American run(thet've just finished the Kang War). But, if it's anything like this, then DAMN but I can't wait for it.

Good dialogue. We need that last chapter!

Also could someone please review my fanfic, 'Kang War: Squadron'. Just did chapter 2
5/31/2004 c6 Izik
Hey, this is great so far. I hope you keep going after this little bad-hank arc is over (and I'm not sure if I'm sick of Hank going crazy or if I think he's cooler when he's crazy, he does make a kick-ass bad guy) But I think that Clint probably could have stood up to Hank at least for a while longer...I don't know I guess. Good story though!
5/30/2004 c6 17Evil Lil' Katbird
Hmm! I'll tell you one thing - you've kept my interest throughout a storyline that I find nearly unbearable. That is a feat in itself! But you've also managed to create personalities for characters that I can actually hate. Characters, who, in most comics, I love. Now there's the real challenge.

I'm probably one of the few Hank Pym fans out there. He's a great character. And, with you, he's still a great character... just an evil one. *chuckles* The others really struck me as well. How Vision seems to have a one-track processor, how Jan's obviously got deep issues, how Wanda isn't afraid to tell Jan she's off her rocker... I love it! Though I find that Hawk seems barely above fodder. I hope that he is used more later on.

Continue to write! Comicdom needs more good writers!
5/21/2004 c5 9Witch-Uk
You ended it there? You have to update soon. Luv Witch-uk xx
5/2/2004 c4 Witch-Uk
Ohh,this is good. I love the whole Clint/Wanda thing. Don't get me wrong I like Vision but it's nice to see something different. Luv Witch-uk xx
5/1/2004 c4 the tiny one
hola! i know you asked me to review awhile ago, and i'm kinda late, but oh well. you got a review! good job. i already read this on the boards, but good chapter anyway, and it sucks to be hawkeye right now. if you don't continue this i'm going to come over to your house and beat you, ok? or something like that... update soon!
4/30/2004 c4 7crazyspaceystracey
I am very much disliking Vision because of this chapter. this is really good update soon.

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