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for blood on his fingertips

9/8/2007 c6 heartproof
More more more! Haha.

7/12/2007 c6 29shampoo147
creepy. I like this story, please update SOON! Where the hell is Steven with my chocolate . . .
12/16/2006 c6 1Loving ain't so sweet
please keep going and update soon
7/5/2006 c6 102YaoiYaoiYeah
Wow, shocking... a knife through the chest and it's...cliffhanger! . Another story with really great plot. I like all the stuff you come up with. You're a very good writer! ^^
12/13/2005 c1 5Lizbit
Just stumbled across your story. I know it's been awhile since you last posted, but I thought I'd bring this to your attention anyway. This is how your tagline reads:

"Harry Potter's life sucks. He killed everyone who ever loved him, and his "friends" are only with him because they pity him..."

It sounds like Harry killed everyone who ever loved him, not Voldemort, because the last name you mention is "Harry", followed by "he". Just thought I'd mention it. Other than that, sounds interesting.
5/8/2005 c1 Alice
Hey duffy! its me alice! great story see ya at school!
11/4/2004 c6 brookempaw

That story was awesome!

Good luck on the writer's block thing.

See ya later @ school.

Keep going on chapter 8.
9/9/2004 c6 Quills 'N Ink
This story is really creepy and disturbing.Hay I like it!Yes I'm twisted. Really bloody and dark. I love taht. Harry is being really bad and a bit of a pain.

9/9/2004 c6 4ferokeroberos
Understanding a little better then before. But this could almost be to much blood and guts for me. Even if I am going to look past that cuz I want to know what happens next. You can tell I'm a true girl for not really liking the blood and guts but wondering about the next chapter will bring back to see what happens. Which shows that I am a true human being. Ok well I saw some mistakes like you put tom when you should of put Tom and a few others like that. But it was good. Stuck on word for word so update soon...ttys
7/29/2004 c6 11Lady of the Dark
Hey, I love you story. I think that it's great. Can't wait for the next chapter. I need to know what is happening with Harry.

~Lady of the Dark
7/16/2004 c1 playpet14
I really like this fic! Please post more chapters!
7/15/2004 c6 3Lizzie Black
when you put in both Harry's and Remus'point of view, it really is a bit confusing coz the actions are all the same... and about your review replies: Dumbledore can't be that old and forgetful, now can he? as much as I know, he isn't senile... ok, enough of that, I wanted to tell you that this chapter was good but I hope in the next chapter there will be more interesting things...
7/12/2004 c6 1diamond004
OH MY GOD I HAVE A CHAPTER? THANK YOU SO MUCH! i feel so special! i am soo touched!

what is going to happen to harry? why was moldy voldy having trouble w/ harry's spells? is he that much stronger? please update soon so i'll know!

again, thank you SO much for the dedication


7/12/2004 c6 sunny smiles
do update soon! i sure wish that Harry would be alright with that dagger in his chest... oh what a cliffie, do update soon!
7/11/2004 c6 SubtleKnife047
I s'pse I'll need to buy pot now to understand this...
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