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for Beauty and the Beast: A Comparison

9/24/2005 c1 3mimifoxlove
that was a interesting little story. Clark and Lex both thought theyself as the beast.

mimi love fox
6/10/2005 c1 7goddess of darkness3
cute story! i loved the comparisson.
5/3/2004 c1 57PepperjackCandy
I looked at your list of fics and see that this is your first CLex fic. Well, this was wonderful and I hope to see more CLex from you in the future.
4/27/2004 c1 39Beloved
tis not horrible!
the cutest thing ever!
4/27/2004 c1 ageostar99
How can you think that was horrible? I thought it was so cute and really enjoyed reading it. I wouldn't mind reading more of your kind of Clex.
4/25/2004 c1 Kekepania1
I loved it and you write so wonderfully. I also have to write the stories that come out before there are plot bunnies multiplying in my head too. Bye and have a nice day.
4/25/2004 c1 Mercurial1
your SUPPOSED to be writing a little older!
*sighs* what am i going to do with you?
Anyways, great concept, though i shouldn't be suprised, this is you!
4/24/2004 c1 michelle
i'm getting all teary eyed. Although if I wa Clark and I ever found out thatLEx thought himself a beast I'd have to beat some sense into him. Lex is a god! But I liked your over all characterization of both of them.
4/23/2004 c1 2EtrnalRhapsodi
lol... a smallville fic! and a Clex too! I liked it even if it wasn't an SM one. You are totally the awesome (im not a clex fan but I am a clark and lex fan and a denial fan so it was all good) good i need coffee

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