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for Wolf in Farscape space

9/30/2014 c3 EffervescentNova
Great story, it really had the Farscape feel to it. I'll be following in case you ever pick it up again.
6/18/2014 c3 Snekullent
Please update! Its amazing! It blows my mind and is what I've been looking for!
12/30/2013 c3 cmtaylor531
I loved the idea behind this story. I am a little sad though that you never finished it.
6/20/2011 c3 4jabbarulez
Nice story! got any plans for it in the future?

7/18/2010 c3 Wulfenbach
Ya know I would like very much for you to update this
10/24/2008 c3 1APatchOfSunlight
Wah! So cool. But why isn't there more. I can sense that this most likely will not be getting an update, but let me congratulate you on writing some of the most interesting Farscape Fanfiction I have read in a while.


5/14/2008 c3 5jpdt19
It occurs to me that i've not actually reviewed this story. I assume you've stopped working on this one!

Still, it's very good so far! Would definitely be interested if you ever started this one up again!
8/30/2007 c3 4Archer007
Please continue, this is great.
6/24/2006 c3 CrystalC
Storie is GREAT! You've inspired me to search out more farscape stories like this now.

Hope you continue, but want more Jedi Xander stories too.
5/16/2006 c3 boatsquadronsniper
Excellent fic - have you considered crossing this with your 'Jedi Harris' series?

Keep up the great work.
4/14/2006 c3 darkfinder
where is the rest .
4/14/2006 c2 darkfinder
4/14/2006 c1 darkfinder
man do a lot more chapters .
9/6/2005 c3 12Banner
Wonderful story so far. I love the characters.
6/22/2005 c3 MagnaZero
Please continue! This is great!
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