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10/25/2004 c4 5captuniv
Hmm, you might have the Order and the DE's find the Canyon of the Cresent Moon and the hall where the Grail once resided before it was swallowed in the earthquake after it was taken beyond the seal in Last Crusade. The BSI wouldn't need to do anything if one of the members perhaps had a diary that once belonged to Indiana Jones which described the final fate of the Grail. Thus, they could monitor the situation and perhaps grab a couple of operatives from both sides for interrogation purposes. Anyway, this is intriguing so far, update soon!
10/2/2004 c4 nogoalielikeme
dude, that would be awesome if it had some of the monty python and the holy grail in it! is would be so funny. and it could change from all this drama, not that it's a bad thing. just kkep up the good work!
10/1/2004 c4 Draco664
The Harry in Azkaban genre is becoming tired, which means that a fic needs to have something unique to make it work. I hope you can use the Baker street idea to really make a unique fic.

Oh, and I'm being pedantic here, but there isn't a 220 and a 2 Baker st. in London. A massive bank branch covers the adress range from (IIRC) 210 - 224 Baker st.

There is a Sherlock Holmes museum which *claims* to be 221B, but it is at about 240-odd.

Anyhow, not a bad fic you've got going there...
9/30/2004 c4 5Madam Author
"just shag the girl before the two of you spontaneously combust from residue sexual tension" ugh. *please* has everyone forgotten a little thing called SELF-CONTROL? Why is everyone *COMPLETELY* obsessed with characteres being hormone controlled zombies who have absolutely no choice in having sex or not because, of course, it is impossible to think that someone might be able to restrain themselves. Because, of course, we are *ALL* slaves to our lusts.

I am so sick of this attitude that is so pervasive in fanfic.
9/30/2004 c3 21kateydidnt
erm-if Harry is 19 now it means he has been there three years-but why would Ron and Hermione still be current students at 19? They graduate a 17 or 18
9/29/2004 c4 2Geloalto
bloody well liked this stor, please update soon.
9/27/2004 c4 thisaccountisbasicallydefunct
Hum, fan of Dan Brown are you? Or did you just feel like writing about the Holy Grail? Interesting already though...
9/16/2004 c4 Shinigami
*evil smirk* When the entire wizarding world finds out that Harry was innocent, they will have a lot of ass kissing to do!
9/11/2004 c4 4korrd
Great fic. Update soon.
9/7/2004 c4 4silverrowan
Ooh! A different than normal Harry went to Azkaban fic. Usually his friends are the first to revolt. Update Soon!

8/30/2004 c4 6YoshuD
interesting. Keep it up.
8/28/2004 c4 1aradonai
KEEP POSTING! I LOVE IT! lol Monty Python and the Holy Grail? lol keep posting
8/26/2004 c4 2Jaded Angel8
Great chapter! Hell. Great story! I can't wait to read more from you.


8/22/2004 c4 2muggle
interesting story but the last bit about the holy grail sounds a bit out of place in a story about witches and wizards when 500 years ago the church would condem them to death
8/12/2004 c4 7Didaskaleinophobia
This story is great! Please update again soon.
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