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10/28/2009 c1 3Icaros Rising
I cannot believe this story has only 1 review. It's a scandal...or something.

Brilliant idea and well written. Rogue was always my favourite of X-men. It's nice to see her helping someone else with their monumental, f-up life problems. You know I don't watch Angel but I know enough that he seemed gloomily in character. 'Shoulders'- chuckle. I also haven't seen Fruits Basket - I'd like to - I've heard about it. Just before he went 'poof' I thought...Wait a sec, isn't this the one where they change into animals if they...'POOF'...ah, it is.' :)

You know you could use this bar at the end of the unverse idea for all sorts of mahem. But I can see the story's old, so I suppose you won't.

Anyway, it was fun. :)
8/24/2004 c1 93Kelly the Vampire Witch
Angel and Rogue get drunk together.

And why am I just now finding out about this story? Girl you never stop surprising me.

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