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11/6 c23 DracoLover
I love this fanfic so much you are such a feat writer! I would love to see number 3 happen! I’m a massive Drarry supporter so I would love this! Thankyou so much for writing this fanfic it’s made my day!
11/4 c1 Guest
Harry IS gayer than a circle rainbow-
9/28 c23 Hadrian Flores
please update soon!
9/28 c14 Hadrian Flores
PARVATI was the spy?! holy hell that's a crazy plot twist
7/8 c23 mcolbycorrea
This story is amazing! I really do wish you'd finish it, though. I know the chances of that are slim: This story was originally posted before I was even born! If you do decide to continue, please have fluff. FLUFFZ.
3/30 c23 Dinah99
This was made a long time before I read and I am a little surprised the last part haven’t come out. Anyway this is awesome but I think the way this fic should end would be Hermione confessing to everyone and Harry and Draco scaring people about him being alive because I think it would be so funny. Also Ron apologizes and then a time skip into the future where Harry and Draco are together and happy in their own house. Sorry it was long but I absolutely love this fic and I cant have it end like this. Sorry if this wasn’t a option but I think it should end like this! Love you keep up the good work!
12/20/2019 c3 ariellabryan1
7/6/2019 c1 apeiceofgarbage
i think that it was garbage just like everything is a piece of garbage. You suck like everyone else in this world like me like my brothers like your mom your dad my mom my dad everyone in this stupid and cruel world is garbage and sucks. So that is what I had to say about your stupid story not only harry is depressed I am too my friend is too so just shut the hell up.

4/30/2019 c23 XxVankixX
I loved it! Keep going! I know I’m late this was posted before I was even BORN! I kinda wanna see them scare people. Other than that I wanna cri. I’m going to bed. P.S. I supper dupper super hfsjxjjdjdjshs LOVED THIS! I hope you continued it. What about the rock that brings people from the dead? Djhshdhdjsiaidis I loved this please do more!
4/22/2019 c23 Strangerdivergentthings
I know this is late, but whatever; HOLY F*CK THIS FIC IS GREAT! I love the cliffies and twists and how Harry and Draco come to love each other. If you're still on I'd like to see nr.3! And of course drarry scaring the living shit out of the others :)
You're such a talented author and I hope you can keep writing
3/12/2019 c23 Teddy
2/8/2019 c23 Guest
hey im pretty sure this is the tbird time ive read this fic for the love of god pls come back and finish it pls pls pls. i wanna see the aftermath i wanna see what happens i wanna see harry and draco happy together pLEASE
2/7/2019 c23 Duvaind1r
OMG, just found this fic and I love it and well because of how long since it been updated...


Sorry couldn't help it. I don't know if this story was forgotten or life got busy. But it really is a great story. As for ending it, I could just imagine harry walking in to the great hall to surprise everyone he's alive and then kiss Draco or something simple.
11/20/2018 c23 Emma
2. And if I was in the mood for it, I'd be all over 3.
8/16/2018 c23 rseam1
You got Harry’s birthday wrong his birthday is 07/31/1980
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