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for Salvation

5/20/2007 c1 142Tatsumaki-sama
That was so sad. But I'm glad that Hikaru was the salvation to Lantis's pain and suffering.
4/25/2005 c1 7crazygirl18
hey i like your fic, very touching. but do sad that you had to kill my fave. character. congrats with the work!
5/11/2004 c1 13Queza De Santi
Aw... Lantis died! But I guess it was great of Hikaru to take it well. But still! Why are all your fics kinda angsty? I read this one before I read your other one, "The Distance", I think that's what it's called. But I didn't review before. I noticed you didn't have any reviews so I planned on reviewing this on. But I just wanted to say, why can't you make Hikaru and Lantis stay together? WAH! H*L FOREVER! :P Well, I hope you can come up with another H*L story that's HOPEFULLY a lot HAPPIER. :P Hahaha, friends?
~Syv ^_^

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