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1/7/2011 c1 Aquamarine Summers
Well what can I say? It was certainly well written, in the sense that I see many well written stories. However, I still can't see Hisoka's feelings towards Tsuzuki as something that can be explained as just an addiction. I think that there's an aspect of their relationship that could fall into the category of addictiveness, on both of their parts, but I think it's very clear to see that what both of them feels goes so far beyond what just an addiction can be labeled.
5/26/2006 c2 3sami1010220
aww, poor tsuzuki. he should go with Tatsumi! lol, can you tell that i like that pairing? anyway, good job!
5/24/2006 c2 46Mishiko Shinsei
This was PAINFUL to read because of the raw emotion. EXCELLENT work!
8/10/2005 c1 35Uyuki
First. I love the story... sometimes Angst is needed in a Hisoka/Tsuzuki, and the way you put it was really amazing.

Now... the second thing, would you let me translate it to spanish?
8/21/2004 c2 9Anime Writer2
are you going to leave it HERE? i sure hope not! please please please continue this one!
6/23/2004 c2 16Atsu Tenshi
O...*take a deep breath* that was...

SAD! again, that is...

and yeah! i can't believe u continue, just to tell in the point of view of Tsuzuki (and that was good...)

really, it was sad...poor Tsuzuki. i think i kinda pity him more than Hisoka (but then, in second thought, i pity both of them...*sigh*)

btw, loved ur fic! that was good! o^-^o
5/26/2004 c1 chibs
o.o T_T can u do a continuation please oh please? i can already picture it. tsuzuki goes to tatsumi for comfort and leaves hisoka XD. :P ohh, the possibilities. CONTINUE! please?
5/24/2004 c2 13ola
your story is so sad. and yet, it's strangely compleing. very well written. it brings out a lot of strong emotions. i loved it.
5/24/2004 c2 7ChernobylKrigare
WAI~! ^^ Please continue this fic. It's wonderful. It would be neat if you paired off Tatsumi and Tsuzuki and left Hisoka alone in a gutter somewhere. ^^;; Or just do things the way you want. ^^
5/24/2004 c1 ChernobylKrigare
After reading that my stomach feels queasy. Never had a fic do that to me before. _ That was so horrible of Hisoka to do. WRITE MORE~! Tsuzuki angst is my favorite. ^^
5/24/2004 c2 12chibisanzo
wee, a sequel! ^_^. it was lurvely, as usual and do you think u can write on what happens after this ? (puppy dog eyes o.O) well, i don't really want a happy ending. XD. maybe a compromise ... fine im evil. im just gona trot over to my bathroom and cry coz all i wana do is give tsuzuki a big hug.
5/24/2004 c1 Nikki
Needs a happy ending. /depressed...
5/18/2004 c1 21Chiharu Octavia
Aw, gee... my chest feels funny... It's so terrible to think about Tsuzuki, who deserves and needs love so much, being locked in a hopeless downward spiral. The story was very well done. Excellent prose, easy to relate to and understand, and emotionally evocative. Oh, and personally, I didn't have a problem recognising the speaker.
5/13/2004 c1 5ShiniJekka
Okay, so I'm at work, and now I'm gonna cry. XD But it's okay, it's a good thing. I think this fic had to have been written, at some point, and I'm glad it was you who wrote it, because you've written it so very well. Thank you. I'm going to go snuffle in the bathroom.
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