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for Love of a Prince

3/7/2019 c5 darkpercy5
Please continue. I like it.
12/1/2012 c5 7WrittenAnonymously
So I was looking for a story by similar name and found this story by mistake. I do got to say I really like this story. Sadly I noticed you are not continuing it. I got to say though, it was a very good read. I do hope you will rewrite or continue. Great work!
10/26/2009 c5 Guest
(starts off by making the giNORmous puppy eyes)

Please, pretty please with a luscious cherry on top, will you update your story?

I loved it - it's one of those rare stories where you can laugh with the author, not at them.

I understand that you have a life far beyond the scope of , but do take mercy on your poor, devoted readers (widens puppy-dog eyes to the point that reconstructive surgery will be necessary to close them properly again - by now it's just weird, not cute).
7/17/2008 c1 sexy Seren
update it soon
6/22/2008 c5 2kitteh lova
I really like this story so far. Update soon please!
12/24/2006 c5 randomness
OMG! Why haven't you updated this? It is soo good. I am really sad that it has been two years since you updated. Please update again soon!
11/19/2006 c1 Gakuen-Tenshi201
11/9/2006 c5 2I-see-thestrals
You havent updated in 2 years update pretty please!
6/28/2006 c5 AdharaLeo
I liked it. Please keep updating it.
2/26/2006 c5 hpkitten
reviewing to say that i dont like it; i love it! great story! and a really great plot! please continue soon, can't wait for the next chapter!
2/1/2006 c5 6pixie-dust-24
you must continue, this is so good, but you can't let Riddle marry Harry, that would be a disaster! he has to marry Draco
12/30/2005 c5 1idontlikemilk
Oh this is interesting. I love Prince Draco stories!
8/30/2005 c5 skimmie
love the story update would love to no whats up next
8/1/2005 c5 ewchy
'I LIKE IT' Ok now that I have that out of my way :-) I don't like your story ( what can i say i'm cruel , I don't like it, I LOVE it ( ok maybe not so cruel ) I love this plot, I LOVE Harry/Draco pairing, I LOVE you cause you wrote this story! Now I fulfilled my duty and reviewed it's your turn now so UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! And you better do it soon before I beat you into a bloody pulp! That's a serious threat missy! :-( Please update before I start to cry...

with utmost love and respect

5/4/2005 c3 newfieyouknow
hey, Nyoka. I love this chapter, as you already know. you do Draco's point of view very well. Can you clarify the whole crazy Tom Riddle thing? Also, the 'brilliant' idea at the end of the chapter - a little too perfect? it's not going to work, is it? This is my favorite story by you.

(Sorry I haven't been e-mailing for real. I will. Promise.)

-clarinet playing newfie

(yes, this is quite a bad review. I'm sitting in Tech Ed trying not to be caught by the sub.)
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