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6/18/2005 c1 polarmint15
this is so great
5/15/2005 c1 3Feathertop
^_^ Cool...
5/15/2005 c2 Feathertop
^_^ Cool...
5/15/2005 c3 Feathertop
^_^ Cool...
5/15/2005 c4 Feathertop
^_^ Cool...
5/15/2005 c5 Feathertop
^_^ Cool...
5/15/2005 c6 Feathertop
^_^ Cool...
5/15/2005 c7 Feathertop
^_^ Cool...
11/20/2004 c1 Vol Tekka
Not bad. Especially from someone who stole his name from another FanFic =P.

11/11/2004 c7 huntressvenus
hey hey hey . . . are you also the onw who wrote the fic about the red headed terror? If that's you then OMG I am your fan . . .and if not I AM ALSO YOUR FAN . . .wahihihi ^^ All I can say it is magnificennt but the story of Nerva there is quite different than this one because in their I think he became a prime wizard at the age of 20 and he came from a knight class family . . .oh just sharing a little knowledge . . . your fic iss really, really great ^^ I hope when the next chapter is already uploaded you'll be able to answer my queries regarding your fic and the red-headed terror . . . tnx and god bless ^^
7/30/2004 c1 4Remir'wrath
JESUS CHRIST! i have died and gone to heaven.this story the reflection of perfection(i heard this somewhere though not quite sure where).You have inpired me to write i even started a fan club in honor of you though i'm the only member so far.I am your number one fan you will not believe the change you made to an eleven year old boy(thats me)anyway i hope you dont mind me praising every particle of your writing skills. Keep up the good work and i hope you put "heaven's blade" and "Tower and shadow" on this site I printed a 100 copies each of your stories
7/15/2004 c7 Kaori
That was awesome~ @.@ You had a nice plot going on~ the chapters were short, but not too short or long to be annoying ^.^ Great job!
7/8/2004 c7 41Clarixe
Cool! Go Ate Quizar! Tatagalugin ko na kasi bano ako mag-english.

Astig, wala akong nakitang mali. Tama nga yung sinabi ni Sir Dex na magaling kang writer! Woohoo!
7/3/2004 c7 2DarkAdunaphel
Holee... Christ! I never expected you Nerva to be HERE!
6/1/2004 c5 masterlink01
Oh wow. It cant be! Genjo Sanzo...

Missed ur fics, im glad u returned. Keep up the good work. Im rooting for u miss nerva!
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