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for One Fateful Day

8/29/2008 c28 starlocket30
I really liked it :D
6/10/2007 c28 Elizabeth
me again

the story was good,

but the ending was just plain weird

plus i think u should of had more detail in the ending

6/10/2007 c24 Elizabeth
dear cutie 4 ever

so far of the story i have read has been amazing!

i'mwriting my story at the moment too, except that

i don't know had to place it on fanfic.

i'm already a member but don't know how to add the story.

plealz help me!

once again love the story (i'm up to chapter 25)

pleaze reply to me,

my email is

big fan of ur stories

8/9/2005 c11 viola is an instrument
its voila, not viola
7/6/2005 c28 2Luna Eesha
That was the best story eva! I mean it was liked the show, yet it wasn't the show! I just wish you wouldn't add Molly. I never liked her! But besides that I loved every chapter!

Keep writing

Luna E
6/15/2005 c28 6ff9moonie
O.K. The ending is weird,...and...stupid, BUT it's only to me! ! ! ! ! ! !
4/2/2005 c28 cardcaptor eternity
aww, how romantic. i love romance
3/18/2005 c28 BlueroseSS
That was such a cute story! Lucky for me, you already wrote the sequel! Well I gotta go read it now! Great story!

Mina(I guess I could start putting Salior V!)
7/11/2004 c2 9Neonlights
yeah she does need her eyesight checked
6/11/2004 c28 9Brittainy777
Thank goodness Serena and Darien didn't go to their betrothed. I'm happy that they're together.
6/3/2004 c1 Mal
Very very good. Please write a seqeul.
6/3/2004 c28 Pixie Pam
I really lie kit and I think you should do a sequel. Really good idea. I loved your story so much I put it in my favorites. HE HE! Yu better write a sequel or else I'll hunt you down. He He! Just kidding!
6/3/2004 c28 4Moon's Rose
Wow...that was a really GREAT story! I absolutely loved it. If you do decide to do a sequel, I'll make sure to read it.
6/3/2004 c27 Moon's Rose
YAY! Beryl's gone and we're finally going to find out who these strange people are. Can't wait!
6/3/2004 c28 13theoriginalmeathead
lol soo the ending cool...cant wait for the sequel!

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