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for Dimensional Travels: Lost Documents

5/15/2010 c5 1alatnet
The moment that I read "Yes, My master. Stand by, ready. Setup." I knew you crossed it over with an anime/manga that is one of my favorites. I definitely want to read this in the main story.

Update soon!

Ja ne!
12/12/2004 c3 2ranma hibiki
you know what whould be really creepy...is after every log alex(zero) makes, it goes back to his home dimension onto his journal there. and someone like cain,x,or whoever somehow hacks in to zeros stuff to find hes still making journals somehow(and no they cant get to zero, would be to clizhe)
9/28/2004 c3 9windwingxs
Hey, this is actually pretty interesting. I finally went over and read 'Auntie Draco's' BASS IS NOT A FISH, which is very good and made your side story make a lot more sense. (IE, Genesis and Celeste.) Anyway, UPDATE SOON!

7/14/2004 c1 Katrover Swatroad
Wow! I have never read a Megaman X fic with such a good dimensional travel theme before! Super cool! And you mentioned Celeste! Even more super cool!

Heh, nice character development of Zero. He's a bit more mellow than in "Bass is Not a Fish"

Please continue your fic.

You know, I just realized...as Zero's travelling between realities, eventually someone's going to discern him for what he REALLY is...not a reploid, but a human.

Will Zero awaken to his true identity as Alex Wells in your story?
5/21/2004 c1 4TRKQC
Didn't read the disclaimers very carefully in your first fic. Oopsy.
Anyway, it's really good, but your capitalization's all weird. Is that on purpose?
Loved Zero's tone throughout!

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