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5/30/2003 c1 shad

I know it sounds a little pathetic, only that one word above, but that's the best way to express what I mean.

Really brilliant! Full of a special kinda atmosphere. OMG!
4/25/2003 c1 10Alaszyel
Wow! I loved this... maybe Alex's POV next? And by the way.. do you know how to make ff.net make a new category for a movie or T.V. show?
3/16/2003 c1 1Caspican Duck Duck
This is very good. Well written and completely like what Clear would say. I'm a huge Clear fan so I enjoyed this immensely. Thankyou for writing it. Great work.

JC Skywalker..
9/23/2001 c1 224Jack E. Peace
cool story; Clear is my favorite character and I can never find fics about her. You should write more about her and Alex together.
6/11/2001 c1 10ashkickerchic
this is good, please write more!
6/7/2001 c1 Brooke
I really liked your story. It's rare to ever find any fanfiction about Final Destination and I really enjoyed your story.
5/12/2001 c1 Riley
That was so awesome! It's not that I really like the movie, but you twisted it into something interesting and worth knowing about. You have a real talent with using words - maybe that's why I liked it so much, you're a wonderful author! I'm sure you'd wrtie wonderful poems and short stories. Keep up the fabulous work and never lose your talent ;)
5/7/2001 c1 7melmel
this is a great story! I really like the wasy you use Clear's emotions in a first person view, I could feel exactly what you were relaying.

: ) keep writin

4/20/2001 c1 Ally
I liked this a lot. It was different.
3/10/2001 c1 marsha
Good story, especially since it came from Clear's POV. If a full manuscript existed of the time (in the movie) after the time in Paris where Carter gets whacked by the falling neon sign, I don't doubt that what you wrote would have been what she was really feeling. Well done.

4 out of 5 stars.
2/8/2001 c1 1karen1
2/7/2001 c1 201Bria
Very nice piece, I love it. :) Thanks for the kind review of my FD poem. Don't worry, like I said in it, I have more planned. ~*~Bria
1/31/2001 c1 Herm
Great story. Final Destination rules. :)
1/28/2001 c1 lawra
thats good. its great to finally see a fic for the movie...
1/28/2001 c1 21Jenna D
That was a sweet fic. I liked it! Great! My friend keeps bugging me to write a Final Destination fic... it's getting annoying.. hehe ~KK~
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