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8/3/2005 c1 16european coffee addict
I liked the dense athmosphere and the chemistry you created between Hannibal and Face. Well done.
6/4/2004 c1 69Richefic
I really enjoy your stories and you write so rarely I was excited to see this. I enjoyed the angsty build up and I can totally see Face winding Hannibal up if the time was right, - but over this? At the very least I think Hannibal would have decked him for it!
5/28/2004 c1 Jan
Loved it! There are never enough stories about Face that lets him show an introspective side. More?
5/28/2004 c1 Zzzzzzz
Interesting premise, but I'm not sure your twist works for me, meaning after the setup with a brooding Face, suddenly it's over because he was just testing Hannibal. Everybody has a good laugh and goes on as usual. Maybe I'm just a glutton for brooding, angsty Face and concerned Hannibal, but I was disappointed at this outcome.

On a more technical note, I noticed that many paragraphs begin with a one-word description that "tells" the readers about the characters' state of mind - flippant, bitter, flabbergasted, keen, pissed off, laughing, smirking. After a while, I started looking for the next pointer. It's repetitive and distracting, an easy shortcut, and I think you're too good a writer to be doing this.

And, yes, I do think you're a good writer with lots of potential. Even though I wasn't wild about this effort, I do like your take on the characters and hope you'll continue to write about them.

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