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7/10/2013 c5 Ladyaloysius
Powerful story!
7/27/2010 c1 honeydust9251
Was just sifting through the older stories looking for something to read. The real reason Gibbs doesn't like being called sir is because he is a former marine non-commissionned officer. 'Sir' or 'ma'am' is a respectful designator reserved for commissioned officers. Generally the expression is "don't call me sir. I work for a living." In spite of the respect, the deroggatory remark represents the fact that NCO's are the indians (the workers) and officers are the chiefs. Its a military thing.
4/10/2007 c4 3TeacherTam
Oh, *please* tell me that there's more to this lovely and engaging story! I've only seen two eps of the show, and the second one was tonight! I've become compelled to see/read more. This story is excellent, and there's so much more potential in it.

Is there any chance you'll write more?

9/25/2005 c5 3Hell-of-Fire
woah, that's a hard one! very well written, very touching!
2/26/2005 c5 2CelticPuzzleStrangerRanger
o my gersh! that was so cute/sad! im so happy now! keep up the great writing!

8/12/2004 c5 8Christieanne-Anna
write more
8/8/2004 c5 5frogfoot24
Man... I just got over my addiction to Harry Potter fan fic, and I just thought, hey, maybe... maybe there is NCIS fan fic too... and *DOH!" there is and I find this...

Lovely... really well written... and it seems to be pretty close to what I have managed to see of the series... (I have only just started watching) I think you capture the dynamics of the group really well.

One thing I am dying to say is that I used to know someone who was in the Navy. He hated being called Sir too... oddly, his background was actually similar to that you portray for Gibbs... but he, was quick witted enough to have a throw away line... "Don't call me Sir, I work for a living." I think that Gibbs would also be quick enough to have some comment designed to throw all but the most dedicated searcher's off the scent. After all, a lot of ex-military people tend to stay quite aligned with their backgrounds, especially if they are young when they join, as I assume Gibbs was. I don't think he would just leave Kate to wander around to dig for answers.

Having said that, it is only a minor point, and I really love the story. Is it complete, or can I expect more?

Wonderful read! Thanks.
8/6/2004 c5 chaser1
Like it. Please update soon.
7/18/2004 c5 9Tempo
that was amazing... please tell me that there's more to the story! I want to read more!
7/9/2004 c5 5Eliv.Thade
I love this story. You (quotes what you said about one of my stories) " portray emotion very well". (lol) I don't cry a lot. I was raised to be ougher than average. But in all honesty, I almost came close to tears reading this. (Almost is very emotional for me. I didn't even cry at my grandpa's funeral.) I honest to God love this story, mostly because it gives light to a situation that needs to be seen clearly by on- lookers. I love this story. Please write more soon!
7/9/2004 c5 17LilHobbitBookWorm
Wow! No i mean it, wow! even in such a short chapter it is good, i just hjave one question- was the guy at the end his father?
7/8/2004 c5 121jtbwriter
That's sad-and really a good touch with Gibbs trusting the little boy with Tony.

You really got the characters right-and that little dig that Gibbs gave kept it from being too much!

Thanks for a good update!
7/8/2004 c5 77T'PeeJ
Nice, so would you write a little faster! Please
7/6/2004 c4 8Christieanne-Anna
Write more. This is the best story ive read so far.
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