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for Adolescence Gone

3/8/2008 c1 33piccolabimba
I like how you wrote this story from Kaoru's point of view. You made her think like a real girl, and act like one. I like how she values virtue and convinces Kenshin of her maturity despite her age.
11/22/2005 c1 Anime Girl
I liked it lots and lots. ^-^
7/10/2005 c1 7Yami Lobo Schwarz
Squeeg! This was great! *thumbs up*
7/3/2005 c1 KK4eva411
Wow! That was really good! I hope to read more of your work soon! Till then! Ja ne!
9/1/2004 c1 8Late March
Really good! Keep writing!
7/6/2004 c1 10Spaz913
I love this fic! I read it awhile ago, and I could've sworn I reviewed it... but I guess I forgot! (bad spaz lol) It's wonderful! I want more chappies! Please?... ^-^
6/25/2004 c1 Hiei's.punk.rocker.girl
Well, that was definitely interesting... in a good way!*adds hurriedly*It was extremely good! bye!
6/20/2004 c1 starfairy14s
oh...my...god.*sniff* that was absolutely perfect!oh my god! i love it! it's so cute an' beautiful! and it's got just the right amount of fluff! cuz i can't stand cavities, y'know? cuz then they're like G-rated and corny, y'know? oh! an' i LOVE that sentence-thingy in the end. it's so encouraging and totally great! it made me smile, and it's good to make people smile, y'know? i'm totally lovin' it. GREAT JOB!


6/10/2004 c1 3xXHeroine Of TimeXx
6/7/2004 c1 2Brittanie Love
OH! I loved this. It was sweet and romantic. I wanted to tell you that I've updated my story for Between Love and Duty. I hope you like it. ^_~
6/3/2004 c1 6InuLimbo
Aw, I loved this! I think you should continue it, but even if you don't it was a great one-shot. Sometimes I think they're the best. ~_^ C ya! ~InuLimbo~
6/1/2004 c1 kailna
Very very nice, i really like this one.
5/31/2004 c1 2riceball1004

ITS ME AGAIN~(whuts with caps?)

ok wel anyway this story ::sniffles:: just makes me so happirific~ and it twas sad to me alltile but twas all right~

well anyway i hope that u write more stories~~

u r ver very talented ...unlike me...^^;;

5/30/2004 c1 2Excalibur Ink
That was kinda cute ^-^

5/30/2004 c1 kik-ting
well written. i like it. just it's kind of confusing how he would be afraid. or is it because he is afraid the same thing will happen to kaoru that had happened to tomoe (that is if she existed in the story). update soon if u can! ^^
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