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7/10/2014 c21 PunkPrincessBre
This was so the best I've read, i have tears in my eyes at the end of it, was beautifully ended
1/2/2007 c21 NLTudox3
omg this story was great!
4/2/2006 c11 johncenasgurl
thats i realy goo dchapter i luv the song cant wait to read the next one.two thumbs up!
3/26/2006 c21 11JahlisaC

2/6/2006 c21 1ChainGangBabe06
That... Was...FUCKING AWESOME! You so have to write another story like it! And if you do i was wondering if I could be the kid. Just wondering. The story was AWESOME!
12/15/2005 c21 2Breeface
wowzerz this was the best story i read so far and trust me i read a tons but i have two questions who was the guys John Hugged at the ending and who did Lex get married too?

If i dont know it will eat me up inside til i find out lol!

U did a realli good job Sweetie!
7/6/2005 c21 2ChainGangSoldier924
OMG, I loved your story! It was so wonderful, On the last chapter I had tears In my eyes. I'm sad that It's over
4/24/2005 c21 22Miss.Ed
loved the story...it's probably one of the best i have ever read...great job! I loved it...i'm at a loss right now...i looked like an idiot in front of my monitor, gasping, laughing, almost crying and saying "oh my freaking god..."...loved it...best story EVER!

take care,

Miss Ed
4/23/2005 c21 2AniLuLu
Amazing finish! Wait, my bad, second finish! Lol, I loved every minute of it. I mean, the humor, the marriages, the happiness... it couldn't have seemed more real. Thanks to you for writing such a great story!
4/15/2005 c21 1captess.charisma
omg i loved this story, it was really good. i hope you do a sequel to this story.
4/13/2005 c21 27Milou
wow! How touching and adorable that was! I truly loved it! I can't believe how beautiful it was. Thank you very much for writing it! WOW! :)
4/6/2005 c1 Miss Ed
wonderful chapter, i must say...great story as always...cheers, Miss Ed Ü
4/6/2005 c21 3Latisha C
Great second ending. It was really well written.
4/6/2005 c21 RKOLover
I absoulutly love your story I cried reading the end.. I hope you make another story like this
4/6/2005 c21 7Shinebright-Starlight
omg! this is so good! I love it! Can you do like a sequel? PLEASE?
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