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5/22/2006 c1 1halcyon memories
HOLY SMACKER FRACKERS! 35? And he's a bodyguard... That's gotta suck. lol
1/22/2006 c5 kenshin loves kaoru
update update update update update update update update update update update!
11/22/2005 c5 Anime Girl
Update ASAP!

please? ^_^
11/1/2005 c5 i love sano
hei... update soon... pleasee... i really really like sano here... i want to know more... im sure things will go crazy when they wake up XD
10/11/2005 c5 michelle
wht havent you written anything else! the story is getting good. please write more!
9/25/2005 c5 3aquafinaSEK
gr8 story. Keep it up1
8/23/2005 c5 3Asch the Bloody
dude! this is a cool story. SO UPDATE IT, YOU LOSER!

:steam rises from head:

sorry 4 yelling or whatever but update! or else my evil mutant monkey ninjas will come and and dig your eyes out!

SIKE! ok but seriously. plz update.

8/11/2005 c5 Living For Love
I like the "matchmaker Sanosuke" a lot! This story totally rocks! Just add a little more seduction from Kaoru and it'll be P-E-R-F-E-C-T! ^^ Update soon!
7/8/2005 c5 19Kaze no Ato
I love this story! Good ole Sano! ^-^ I can't wait to see what happens next.

7/8/2005 c5 3EdxWinry
please update soon! i love !
7/7/2005 c5 kenshinlover2002
I like the story so far. Sano is very evil. i can just imagine the faces Kenshin and Kaoru will make when they wake up. Update Soon.
7/7/2005 c5 Ice Sakura
Whhoho! Way to go Sano the matchmaker! Can't wait till they wake up. Plz update soon and and plzplz make thier reaction logical!
7/6/2005 c5 19evilteddybear
Love it love it love it love it love it love it! and did I mention that I love it? Thank you times infinity for starting to write this again, I really apreciate it. It's such a good story! What'll happen in the morning when KandK wake up? I wanna know! Agh! I can't stand the suspense! (I really want to ask you to update, but I'm sure you get tired of that so I won't...takes a lot of self control, but I understand that you have a life outside of fanfiction, much to my despair) well...not much else to say...except you reall portray the character's personalities well and that they all really interact well together (sometimes that gets choppy in fanfics)...and thank you again (did I mention that I love it?) - evilteddybear
7/5/2005 c5 chakitattyla2h8

scheme-like scheme

gurl you are really funny

this is a good story

i wonder what kenshin and kaoru will do when they wake up

please update soon

cuz this story is really funny

i love to the little authornotes you keep adding

man they are really funny

please update!

kenshin sleeps with no shirt and unbuttoned jeans

drools* wow this is GREAT


i only hope kaoru wont think of anything perverted that he did

but i really hope they do something perverted


dont worry i just mean kiss..nothing to bad


well cant wait for next chapter

so hurry

ya gurl... chakitattyla2h8
7/5/2005 c5 6kira tenshi
hurry and finish I don't like having a TO BE CONTINUED... but other than that I liked your story, but to be honest some parts were a little dull. I do think you could be a little more 'spunky'. And I don't mean to be rude or anything, though I did like the story, and hope you finish soon.
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