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6/9/2004 c3 kagomeChan666
wow! That was really really great i hope that you can update asap! I wanna find out what happens with Enishi!
6/9/2004 c3 Baka Neko
Great story! My sister Chibi Kiki recomended it she wuz right it rox!
6/9/2004 c3 3Lady Sora Love
kenshin have nice boxers ^_^ it was really sad when he was dreaming about his past especially about his parents. please update soon
6/8/2004 c3 2Brittanie Love
Sad but cute chapter. Update soon!
6/8/2004 c3 gabyhyatt
good fic
6/8/2004 c3 agaxris
honest to goodness - that fic was nice... i like the flow... its got this dynamic thing goin... i can't place it... dont make it to umm... unrealistic though... i do hope you update soon... and yeah...
6/8/2004 c3 Moo
I can't believe you cut kenshin's hair! I love his hair. :(

Otherwise, good story.
6/8/2004 c3 24White Rabbit Tale
Good chapter! Seemed a little short. I liked how you made Kenshin's past much the same but incorperated into AU.

I want to see Kenshin's smily face boxers... ^^
6/5/2004 c2 2Brittanie Love
WOW! Your story is awsome. I'm hooked to this story already. Update soon! Also I hope you update Cold Blooded or Forced Heart soon.
6/4/2004 c2 kik-ting
soo for kenshin's haircut, does it look like it does in the later episodes? kenshin is like 30... something right? update soon when u have time! ^^
6/3/2004 c2 2Shin1
You're really good (smiles). You really should continue! I'm liking your story more and more! Keep up the good work!

6/3/2004 c2 ME
Was Enishi on the other line?

6/2/2004 c2 24White Rabbit Tale
To be honest it was a little awkward, but there were a lot of parts I liked. i.e, the haircut park. I felt a little cheated that we didn't get more details on their day together.. T.T

But that's just the way I am...

6/2/2004 c2 SC
This is great so far! Keep on writing and updating, PWEASE!
6/2/2004 c2 Kitsune KeNsHiN
That was a pretty fast update, not that I mind!

Great chapter, but why did Kenshin's hair have to be cut?

Oh well...Anywayz loved and I hope ya update soon! ^_^
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