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5/7/2009 c4 14cartoonfavs
loved it. poor kit. everthing was on top of him and he couldn't handle it. stress will do that to you.
6/22/2008 c4 12KitCloudkicker52885
This a really good story, I love it.
9/25/2007 c4 toripaige224
I loved this story. It was so cute! I happened to stumble upon Talespin when I was 10 and now I'm 15 and I still love the show! Kit is my fave character! You are a good author! I hope you write more stories!
7/19/2006 c4 2Turock
Tee hee! I can tell that German is your major language, because of the way you use "learn". In English, the word "study" is the closest equivalent of the German word "lernen". To say "I must go learn my homework" would be sort of like saying "Ich muss meine Hausaufgaben studieren". Isn't it funny how those words seem to be flip-flopped in our languages! :D

This was a touching story. I like the way you use Talespin characters to emphasize lifelike issues, like kids' sometimes overwhelming desire to please their parents. After all, family issues are a major part of what Talespin is about, and I like how you handle them in this story.
2/10/2005 c4 13PrettyMistakes
Aw...how sweet! Great fanfic! And I love the ending! :)
1/9/2005 c4 1Makoto15
GREAT finish! My eyes are all wet! It's so nice!
1/5/2005 c4 22spunkiegirl
Oh, that is so sweet. Oh my gosh, my eyes are tearing up...that is so beautiful. Wonderful job.
1/3/2005 c4 BX
Great finish.
1/3/2005 c4 1Mobile Holmes
aw, what a sweet ending! i'm glad that kit's gonna be okay!
11/6/2004 c1 1Makoto15
wow! this is a very cool fic! please hurry up with the next chapter!
9/28/2004 c3 Wiachi
please please please write more! its a great story and you really need to finish it! dont leave me hanging like this! ;-; I love Kit, he's such a cutie... even if he is a bear, lol.
9/23/2004 c3 B.X
Well alright!
9/21/2004 c3 suede
Sort but well written. I hope youll finnish this one day, I do like your writting style.
9/17/2004 c3 1Mobile Holmes
aw...poor kit! i hope he pulls through! when's ch. 4?
8/31/2004 c2 22spunkiegirl
Oh...that last line from Baloo...I LOVE it. I'm glad Kit will survive, you had me worried there!
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