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1/26/2016 c14 Hdbdj
Easily one of the best Spike/Faye fanfics out there. Honestly, you have truly understood the characters, and all in all it is a very believable ending to the ending of Cowboy Bebop (if Spike actually survived) great story. Loved it.
3/22/2009 c14 43satomika
i loved it!

although the only thing that i hated is that jet died...

after a lot of things they went through...

jet has to die?

i cried at that...
12/21/2008 c14 49Jacal Ste. Worme
Funny ending! Hahahah! I LOVE JET! hHahahhaha! Good job!
1/8/2008 c14 5NoNewTales
What a great story. Faye was in character, and she annoyed me about as much as she did on the show. XD I loved the end, it made me cry, ;p but I thought that julia 'returning' was a bit much.

Other than that, :sniff: it was great.
1/24/2007 c3 8Purple Pirate Lex
I like how your story is going so far! I think it's good that you showed what was happening on the Bebop while Faye was away, although it may not have been necessary to annouce that you were shifting the PoV. We would have been able to tell. ^_~

As far as your character development, Jet and Spike seem just a little out-of-character to me. Don't forget that although Jet seems gruff on the exterior, he's really a big softie at heart, and he's quite chivalrous. Your Spike on the other hand, is quite good, but in this chapter he seemed uncharacteristically cold and heartless. He tells his fair share of jokes, but he does have the ability to be serious sometimes. (Remember his demeanour when reminded of the word 'Julia')

You may also want to double check your spelling and grammar. (it's Gaucho in English [Spanish], or Georgio [Italian] from the Japanese version, by the way.)

Other than that, your style and your technique are great! I love the way the story's going aside from the character flaws.

I do apologize if my critique sounds a bit harsh, but I just want to be thorough enough so that it will help you improve your story. Keep up the good work!
6/12/2006 c1 3leilolil0
this was an intriguing tale! i do concur with some other criticisms from readers before me... the shifting pov got a little crazy but it was easy to follow otherwise. there could've been a little more suspense about certain things but otherwise it was good. i especially like how the acknowledgement of the romance occurs later in the story; other fics i've read and the one i wrote have the seeds planted on both sides from the get-go. anticipating the budding romance and the plot itself helped push me further to read.
6/4/2006 c14 Josephine
wow, that was really good. i'm really glad that i found this story...

do you think you could possibly write a sequel? i would really love a continuation of this, but of course it's up to you.:-)

hope you decide to though-

have a nice day.
1/1/2006 c14 14Aryanne
Ed cracks me up. I truly enjoyed reading this story.
1/1/2006 c1 Aryanne
Hey, this is a good story. I like it.
12/20/2005 c14 Blindy not signed in
Hey...I liked your fic...very cool. Read it all in one sitting...Jet dying at the end was a shock, but I do like how it ended...


Sometimes the story moved too quickly...not too quickly, just things happened without any sense of suspense...the hologram of Julia and Spike coming back are two that spring to the cerebral cortex...but other than that, and a few typos (but it's almost impossible to get them all) it was a VERY well done fic...

The points of view jumped around a lot, which was an original touch...maybe you should have conisdered keeping it all in the first person and just changing the person...? But still, a nice touch. Easy to read, descriptive, the storyline grabs the reader...

God, I sound like one of my old teachers...anyway, hope you like my review as much as I liked your story, although I doubt you will *shrug*. Your story rocks harder than my review.

Maybe a sequel...?

Keep writing.

8/10/2005 c14 47Kount Xero
This was the first Cowboy Bebop fic I have ever read, and I must say, the huge flock of grammatical errors aside, it was a very, very, VERY good fic too! Quite intriguing was the way you switched between points of view (and Ed's News was pretty amusing) and the critical points you captured in their personalities was far more interesting. Very nice work, indeed.
8/5/2005 c14 Dannie-chan
I...you...I'm just all smiles...That was one of the most complete and utterly[and oddly] statisfying fanfictions I have ever read. I love that you kept them in due character and that you hit almost every emotion that comes with love in vigor and absolute honesty.

And the quotes on the top of each installment was brillantly choosen! And speaking of which...that last line made my heart jump and tears blur my vision...

"You've got a family now, Space Cowboy..."

Thank you for using that, now dubbed; ingenous, brain of yours to write this storie! I feel it was more than worth my time to read it.

Thanks again,

5/16/2005 c14 amuraa
Amazing. Brilliant. That was SO good. Hey, do you think that you could write a story about Spike and Faye having a "tomato"? (grin)
5/13/2005 c2 faeriefeline125
Whoa, this seems so good, with a hint of humor that really balances out all of Faye's deep moody thoughts. Can't wait to read more.
4/20/2005 c14 2Angel81
Good story!
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