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for Music of the Spheres: Prelude to Mars and Earth

10/18/2004 c3 Kate Spiegel
Spike is hurt because Ed left. Ed, being the

silly girl she is, asks him to marry him

on the 4th of July in the park. Spike says maybe. I had the idea for the prequels to my story a while ago. But you know what happens in

Men are From Mars. :)
10/17/2004 c3 8Sakuma Sonnet
why is spike hurt?

i still can´t remember the whole proposal thing gr
10/17/2004 c1 Sakuma Sonnet
they are ooc in some parts but i haven´t finished reading yet so

i´ll go on now
6/2/2004 c2 5FIREmblemFAN
This is pretty good so far! Keep updating!

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