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7/9/2022 c9 EternalAnglo94
Not a bad concept really wish it had been completed
7/9/2022 c4 EternalAnglo94
I hate that he uses a Gun it just feels silly he has a damn wand for stuff like this
4/9/2020 c2 Guest
They could never get away with a charge of 1,000,000 galleons just for a second offense of underage magic.
3/9/2020 c9 NazgulBelserion
Whattt that's it I wanted more naniiiiii
8/20/2017 c9 fgtdtgthfthfh
This is one of the best Bella/harry story's.
11/9/2016 c9 Dragonman109
Please update.
7/14/2015 c9 Blazeb79
What a place to stop . Serious potential this story has. I love it.
7/23/2013 c7 Heatblizzard
Last review. How come the pilots didn't notify the nearest ATC when the plane started tilting left?

Pilots are trained to fly with a few engines out but should've reported an emergency when flames were coming out of engine four.

In fact the moment the spells were first casted the pilots should've reported that there was a shootout in the cabin and that would've brought the RAF over to investigate especially since this is a post 9/11 world.
7/23/2013 c7 Heatblizzard
Will you please make warnings for sexual intercourse at least ONCE during a chapter. Good thing I was aware so I skipped it but a lot of people who read this are children and should not have this filth and their parents/teachers will wonder why they are talking trash talk all of a sudden.

I am not flaming but but just pointing it out but if you want to take it as a flame then it's you're free will to be immature and may God have mercy on you're soul.
7/23/2013 c1 Heatblizzard
Actually this Harry Potter fic seems inspired by The Fugitive Factor from Gordon Kormon as it almost plays word to word. Chasing The Falconers is the first one where they prove their parents are innocent of a crime that landed them life in Prison and the children sent to SunnyDale Farm in Nebraska in the middle of nowhere.

No matter how I type it it takes too long to explain on here. This is an explanation from Amazon because I suck at summaries and don't want to bore you to death and I suck at writing anyways due to being handicapped. :P

Chasing the Falconers: Aiden and Meg Falconer are their parents’ only hope. The Falconers are facing life in prison – unless Aiden and Meg can follow a trail of clues to prove their innocence. The problem? They’re trapped in a juvenile detention center. Until they escape one night – and find themselves on the run, both from the authorities and from a sinister attacker who has his own reason to stop them. The Falconers must use their wits to make it across the country – with plenty of tests along the way. The Fugitive Factor: Aiden and Meg Falconer are out to find the evidence that will free their parents from a life sentence in prison. But in order to do that, they have to live undercover. Ever since they broke out of a juvenile detention facility, they’ve been chased by the FBI…and by a strange killer they’ve nicknamed Hairless Joe. Now their story has hit the airwaves, and suddenly everyone is looking for them. They think they can hide with an old family friend…but when Meg is thrown in jail, the danger and adventure only increase. Now You See Them, Now You Don't: One man holds the key to freeing Aiden and Meg Falconer’s parents from prison: a mysterious figure named Frank Lindenauer. Aiden and Meg must cross the country to try to catch him…even as the FBI tries to catch them first. In California, Aiden and Meg fall in with a crowd that already has its share of trouble. They want to believe they’ve found friends who will help them out. But if they’re not careful, these “friends” will sell them out instead.
6/28/2013 c3 1XMatchBookX
This makes no sense... You're forcing Harry to act Way to different to be the least bit believable.
4/18/2013 c2 banditdk19
This is absolute bullshit, if this story is after Department of Mystery fiasco, then the ministry already acknowledge the return of Voldemort. This whole thing about him being thrown in Azkaban or some ridiculous fine for underage magic usage which by the way is attuned to his wand, would not hold true. At that point of time, Fudge was already under a lot of pressure from the public and any wrong move would see him out of the office.
This situation with Bella is irrational as well, I mean the guy can throw off the Imperius from Voldemort and Veela charm and you turn him into a drooling idiot at the sight of Bellatrix who while attractive nowhere near as beautiful as a Veela...
Anyway, I will go and check those other stories you mentioned instead of reading this one as to avoid further disappointment.
7/10/2012 c9 1JulesCapulet
more chapters or else i'll crucio you XD
12/29/2011 c9 Goldrune09
Wow, what a clusterfuck for Harry...
10/2/2011 c9 2potterandweasely
technically bellatrix isn't a milf seen as though she has no children

milf stands for mother/mum i'd like to fuck

she's not a mum.
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