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8/18/2004 c4 10Catwoman99
:-O Whoa. Glad I could help with the last chapter. :-) Dang, she held his head under water...what a way to go. Again, I'm morbidly curious as to how she did in the others. Keep going!

7/25/2004 c3 14Morgana-Alex
This chapter was really to short. But I can't wait to read how you convey the full extent of Minerva other side. Though it's hard to think that she would ever harm Albus. Please don't let Snape be to harsh or if he is let him get what he deserves. Please update soon. JA
7/24/2004 c2 Queenie97
It's not hard to picture Minerva being a little unstable under her cool, prim, and proper facade she pulls off. I love the way the story is going. Please update soon.:)
7/18/2004 c2 10Catwoman99
Definitely too short! I had a feeling Minerva wouldn't remember actually killing anybody. Is Angerona the only one to find it odd that all the men around Minerva seem to be dropping like flies? Keep going!
7/17/2004 c2 Mini Minerva
Woah. That reveiled a side of Minerva I never knew! Oh well, it was fabulous anyway! I loved it! Well written and descriptive. Good job! :D
6/6/2004 c1 14Morgana-Alex
Yes the chapter is a bit here and there. But I can see her sitting on the floor of her cell in Askaban hugging her knees and rocking back and forth. i like the idea that Minerva has a split personality that is dormant until she is angrey or something threatens her. I would really like to see where you take this. JA
6/6/2004 c1 10Catwoman99
You're right, it is sort of a strange chapter, but that's ok. I think the way it's written matches the ramblings of someone who's a bit off their rocker. I could see it. As for what to do with it, maybe you can tell what happened in her life thus far with flashbacks or something. I'm morbidly curious to see where you'll take this.

:-) April

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