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for You Lied to Me Again

9/21/2020 c1 Bioluminescent-Moon
Ok...this is super wierd
1/18/2015 c18 nagrom
is Owen the person under the cloak?
1/7/2013 c1 me
Wtf is this a joke? The worst fanfiction I ever read.
update soon
3/26/2008 c4 5An Aspiring Author
interesting story so far! nicely done!
12/5/2006 c24 1Silver Moonlit Dreams
hi!your story is really good!plz plz update soon!i want to find out whats going to happen!
1/27/2006 c24 7UsagiMiyuki
i really like this story its cool, that spell sounds really complicated, did u think it up? cause if i had to think of a spell like that i would have drwn a major blank lol, so anyways just want to say/write please please please post another chap soon!
11/24/2005 c24 kris-kros too lazy to log in
o snap! lol srry i love saying that anyways LOVE the story! but there has gotta be some other way to get that necklace off right? well i hope so, something to do with james possibley? LOVE the story! keep writing!
11/12/2005 c24 Hawaiian-Rachael
that was really good. update soon
11/12/2005 c24 9Inkxpencil
LOVED IT! update soon!
11/12/2005 c23 Inkxpencil
its about time! lol great chappie glad your feelign better. UPDATE SOON
10/18/2005 c22 Sarah
I know this is probably a long ways off, but I am sorry to hear about the car accident. I hope you are doing well. Update soon, you are an excellent writer
4/17/2005 c22 1Lizmarauder4eva
aw i hope ur okayy! yeahh well i started ur story again.. and wow do i love it! aww i hope ur okayy!.. yeahh well im excited for u 2 update... this is the best story everr! yeahh i think 2 the ball thing.. she shud wear the green dress.. cuzz the white and red one woudl clash.. cepot i think ur gunna make her wear the white one cuzz the bad luck thing.. i think she looks better in green... butt can u e mial me the dress..? thankiz.. yeahh i gotta a question... wht happened 2 the birthday wish that james woudl leave her alone for a month..? hhmm.. idk lolz.. .yeahh and kevin i sbeing a dick! i knew he wuzz gradually changing... th en all of a sudden he liek changed a lott... well i hope tjhey never goo bakk outt! unless he wuzz undr that curse.. which i highly doubt.. so plz make then not go bakk ou t.. and wen is lily gunna become friensd wid james..? then the romance! ah! UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE!... xO*
4/7/2005 c22 Hawaiian-Rachael
I hope you get better soon.
4/6/2005 c22 LaLa
OMG u were in a car accident!

Well i hope ur ok!

Love the story :)
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