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2/10/2008 c8 6Jaythorne
*sob* This was so beautiful and touching... I really enjoyed it! Lol, I especially like the last couple lines of Chapter 4...

Ellie nodded, a tear trickling down her cheek. "Three babies."

"Oh . . . okay."

Vash fainted.


Thanx for the read! ~Jay~ (_() Marshmellow.
12/15/2004 c9 Meep
omg! that was the saddest story i've ever read... i actually cried when they all died! don't worry about that person thinking ellie was selfish, i think what she did was so so so, words can't describe it, but its good! i don't really see how that could be selfish, she would have been killed anyway at least she's giving her child a chance to live! the poor plants, poor vash poor ellie poor knives poor eve! its a shame that knives and eve didn't have a child...

just thinking about the ending makes me get all sad again, i feel like crying.

anyway ignore me hehe! it was a really great story and i hope you write more trigun stories! hopefully u won't make me cry again!

love and peace!


p.s. could u please read and review a fanfic that my friend and i wrote. it only has 2 chapters at the moment but we will update (we've actually finished the story and started on the sequel hehe) anyway if you could that'd be really good! its called sinners virtue and its under the pen name Blue-Sam. ty!
7/17/2004 c9 5SeikoTuNeR
Cliche'..cliche'. A lot of typical stuff. STill nice though. 100x better than trigun story i wrote. So sad..man that was the WORST ending ever! When I say worst I don't mean bad..just FAWK..they all pretty much die..like one of those Shakespear tragedies. Everyone gets killed. Well..except for the boy..
7/15/2004 c1 Elicia
I love trigun, and I read your first chapter and its great! (Probably because i have long red curly hair and my nick name is ellie!) I love your original character too! I always thought that there should be another angel, esp. a female one!

I like the idea of having her introduced in the twin's past.
7/6/2004 c8 Ashlucard
You had me sucked in from the first chapter, and I couldn't help but read on. You crafted the characters of Ellie and Eve so wonderfully, and fleshed them out, transforming them into the perfect mates for our two favorite plant boys.

Your story was, no, IS a great Gunsmokian tale, even if it drifted from the reader's initial expectations (namely: no insurance girls).

You were able to maintain a good coherent storyline, and sucked the reader into your universe. An excellent job. Keep it up.

The ending was definately not what one would anticipate, but one question rises above all others: WHY KNIVES? Why did KNIVES have to die?
7/6/2004 c9 AaronsAngelBabi87
Wow...all I can say is...wow. Very well written and I love how the ending worked out.Even if they died. Not all stories have perfect endings and you proved that and you did it very well. I can see why She went back to Vash.She didn't want to be alone without him and wanted to spend her dieing moments with him. Wonderful wonderful ending. Love it...best fic I have read so far.

7/5/2004 c7 4FlIpsiMplicit
if this is the ending, ohmigod! i luved it! it'sh sho.. iono it's it's so good! but if there's more,, KEEP WRITING!
6/18/2004 c4 12MSkyDragons
this is really interesting!

I really like it!
6/17/2004 c4 15No Volume Control
YEAH! Great work! I loved the part when Ellie said she was going to have 3 babies. lmao! I also love how you put Knives into play. Keep it up! ^^
6/17/2004 c4 5Kawii-chan
The ending was funny and the rest was very emotional. Great Chapter!
6/16/2004 c3 3Gennie Kag's and Sess's Child
Aw that was so damn cute. I loved it
6/15/2004 c3 5Kawii-chan
Aww...*sniff sniff*, thats so sweet after all this time they still love each other. I hope you update really soon, if you don't then thats just mean.
6/15/2004 c3 15No Volume Control
Woo! ^^ That's what I'm talking about! God, I love this fic. Update soon!
6/13/2004 c2 No Volume Control
Whoa, this is a great story! ^^ I love how it's starting out.

But, I think you need to go into a little more detail with the setting ((when/where)), because I've been confused a few times while reading it.

Other than that, it's great! I wanna see the next chpt soon!
6/13/2004 c2 5Kawii-chan
Wow, this is a great story. I hope u remember to continue it and update it. Oh and just incase u didn't know u can't recieve anonymous reviews, so if u would like to get more reviews u should change that.
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