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1/4/2019 c24 jexcel
I Know it has been years but i really enjoyed this story its one of my favorite all time story's my favorite part is when Clark and Whitney went to see the original Chloe Clark reaction was epic. but my least favorite part of it was the origin of Krypton. it just feels weird for kryptonians to be evolved humans it will take millions of years for that stage of evolution to happen and your timeline doesn't acknowledge the existence of Doomsday who is one of my favorite characters.
6/9/2018 c3 Guest
1/11/2014 c24 Anon
At first I, too was leery of Sliviuh, but I think she really worked out. I loved how you showed the Alexander vs Lex thing, but Lana really doesn't deal with the issue of her daughter, which I thought was going to be the worst of her return to reality. Also, I loved how you showed how much Clark-time had passed, and how tiring and boring this could be for him. On the subject of Var-El: YES! For a good portion of the show I was waiting for Dr. Swann to turn out to be related to Clark somehow. It miffed me when he turned out to have so little character interaction. I would be absolutely ecstatic to read a sequel! I look forward to seeing how Clark's brain pathway-opening procedure affects him and perhaps even getting some amusement over the paparazzi, and the ideas you mention above for the sequel are already getting me excited. I think I might have been to busy rushing to get to this story to leave a review for The Portal (oops), but I need to mention that over the course of these two stories I have seen you truly blossom as a writer. I congratulate you for making these two works together a masterpiece.

Hoping for a sequel!

4/17/2012 c24 SilverReindeer
Much the same for this story. It's been a while since I've read your foray into Nazi Germany but I remember it being a lot of fun to read. Biological Families can't be left out of my favorites.
4/13/2012 c24 12Blazen
This story was even better than the first, or at least much more interesting. And we found out a lot about Chloe.

I like your take on Krypton. In fact, I like it better than the canon version.

I was sceptical about inclusion of Dr Jones, but you handled it well.

Lana's mental battles were a very nice touch too.

But one thing I didn't like at all. The return of Sliviuh in the Lionel's body. It would take her/him about a day to assimilate first Lilian then Lex. Of course it's dangerous to reveal herself too early, so Lex would be probably out of question, but Lilian is doomed... And the power to make unlimited number of copies? No, I can't accept it. It would mean the imminent victory of Sliviuh.
6/21/2010 c24 KJA
It seems I am starting my reviewing of your stories with “Biological Families”. Sorry it took me awhile to get back to you since my earlier PM. I will try to get a direct reply to your response sent soon.

I have to say that I agree with you in part about the scene of Clark and Whitney meeting Chloe in Dresden as it was a surprise. When I first read it I thought just like Clark that it was the second time around Chloe and was having trouble understanding why she would be living and working in Nazi Germany. That whole revelation and the character interaction were great to see. I especially like the fact that Chloe or should I say Aubrey was married to a Gestapo officer. If the scene has any negatives is would be that I think you got your numbers wrong as to the death toll of WWII. According to my info it was about fifty five million not one hundred million. Still Clark I think got the emotions across and I can see a teenager like him not paying full attention in history class. I just happen to be a WWII history buff.

I also like how you are able to use the series of escalating events in the story to drive Clark toward being Superman.

One of my other favorite scenes is in chapter 24 when Lex and Chloe are in the virtual world while being held prisoner by Sliviuh. In reading “Origins” I latched onto the fact the Chloe is wearing a nanosuit in the scene and the battle that she showed Lex along with the her description of how she was brought down just make me imagine the sheer scale of what Chloe has lived. If fact something occurred in that that scene that I was shocked Lex did not pick up on. Chloe appears to lament that fact that she did not commit genocide against her the Kirghizi. She also unequivocally takes responsibility for all of the things that she did without flinching. I think it is one of the things l like about your Chloe. She has been both hero and villain and has come to terms with all of it.

If I had to pick a least favorite scene it would be the confrontation with Lionel Luthor. You at points indicated that Chloe had had changed somewhat as far as direct action is concerned and given the price that she paid as a result of playing around when they were in Rome I was disappointed whit the whole Vampire subterfuge. I was expecting, given Lionel’s thoughts on having blackmail material on the members of his board of directors, that Chloe had the actual material and had feed him false info. On top of that I thought that on her second time through Chloe would have used various front companies and investment firms of hers to gain indirect control of a significant portion of Luthor Corp stock when it was brand new such that she has secret indirect control of the company. I think it would have fit the seriousness when she expressed her intention to put Lionel in his place for trying to close the Smallville fertilizer plant. I also thought that maybe more time should have been spent with Lana inside her virtual world and been interspersed more evenly among the chapters so that she was not lost from view for what seemed like numerous chapters at a time.

I think that is it for this review. I have some more I intend to post and I would like to talk about your Chloe and a number of various thoughts about the AU you have created.
1/14/2010 c10 25Eternal Density
Samson's hair sounds like a nifty artifact idea. and as for Clark using star trek as a cover story... well i guess truth is stranger than fiction yet again :D
1/14/2010 c9 Eternal Density
I like the way you stuck the very different VR scene into this chapter: you sure can do a lot of varied storytelling with the 'bots. And great fight scenes also.
1/14/2010 c5 Eternal Density
wow, that was a close call for Whitney! and suddenly they're off to Nazi Germany, looks like it will be quite an adventure :D
1/14/2010 c4 Eternal Density
oh, lots of interesting variations here...
1/14/2010 c3 Eternal Density
hahahahahaha, vampires, that's a clever cover... though that's not really the right word, Chloe and co. don't really do cover, they do distraction and misdirection :D I like that, it's more fun than mere cover stories.
1/14/2010 c2 Eternal Density
ooh, Lionel has trouble coming to him...

nice to see Chloe reveal her secret to the Kents, and for Lana having a little trouble adapting (i.e. speaking French without meaning to)
3/3/2009 c1 SierraThree
Hello Sir

I just finnished reading your story Biological Families, and it was great ! As with your other stories, I liked your character interaction and your storylayout. It makes it easy to read and the level of detail is just about right.

I hope for new stories from you in the future, they are all fun to read.

Regards from the cold of Norway

10/6/2008 c24 35drufan
It has taken me forever to finish but I finally did it! And it did not disappoint. I especially liked the end of the epilogues...the magnificent bastard. A lovely and surprising turn of events.

I also liked that Clark grew up. Now he's a partner to Chloe and not playing so much catch up. Look forward to whatever those muses throw at your typing fingers.
8/6/2008 c18 Charles Dinegar
Daer Duane: I am loving your fiction! It's truly an epic "Smallville" story. BUT! ONE...Glaring...ERROR! I am a shooting enthusiast, and I hate to have to be the one to tell you this, but the MP .40 caliber submachinegun did not exist until the 1980's or so. The very caliber was not invented until around the 1960's or later. The Wehrmacht and the Luftwaffe, and the Gestapo (Waffen SS included) all used the Schmeisser submachinegun, for the most part, and these were variously chambered in 9mm or in 7.62mm Luger. The 7.62 Luger was the same pistol cartridge that the Luger P-08 used (the Naval Luger invented in 1908). The .40 caliber was originally invented for consideration by the FBI when they were originally considering going to a modern semi-automatic pistol, back in the 1980's. The other choices also included the .45 ACP cartridge (.45 Automatic) and the 10mm, which was adopted instead by the FBI. The .40 is smaller and a little lighter than the .45 or the 10mm, but the pistols can take more rounds (the 10 and the .45 are both larger cartridges), and the .40 was instead used by the Secret Service and also the US Military, in the new MP .40 submachinegun. An understandable mistake.

In the future, if you need any research done for a story, I'd suggest you contact the NRA Museum in Alexandria, Virginia, or the NRA National Headquarters in Washington, DC. They will be happy to give you all you need, and will get for you all the technical info you could ever need for your stories. Also, the information is available to the general public at Janes Weapons of the World. Their website shouldn't be too hard to find, and that site will also have a lot of useful information. Or, you might also try the US Army website. They have a museum link to their own database, and that will have a lot of good tech info for you.

Or, you could alsways write me! Good Luck to you!
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