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5/9/2013 c10 Guest
I loved this story it was so good
1/27/2006 c9 3Moon Vampire
go ahead make anther story I really want to know what happens its mean to stop there
10/29/2005 c9 Venus - Lady of Cats
this story is so great. please please make a sequel
9/30/2005 c1 Jo
it was AWESOME!
6/2/2005 c9 mewmewtokyopopgirl writer at
oh I LOVED THE STORY YAY! LOVE i just printed the story and my ink is lowe and im out of paper i used paper that i used b4 oh im nuts waching anime too 2:00 AH but i LOVED THE STORY so much thanks for makeing it

love mewmewtokyopopgirl
3/10/2005 c9 5Inuyashas only Miko
wow...again wow that is so cool and scary, & funny, & action packed, & the BEST DARN STORY I HAVE EVER READ!


Odd's Wife

PS:Yes yes I nkow i'm Odd obssesed!
2/8/2005 c9 Gren Maju Da Eiza
Mr.Evil was right intresting story, mostly with the swords and new attacks. Never would of guess Jeremy going to lyoko.
2/4/2005 c2 Aelita Lyoko the 2ndVirtual Freak
Two chappies in, and it all ready screams romantic fic. THANK YOU! I am a huge J+A romance fan. It makes me happy:) I love it so far!
12/8/2004 c4 Aelita Lyoko the 2nd

I love this! J+A, J+A...goes on endlessly
9/21/2004 c2 vegeta the 3rd
Hi dragon. Thanks for the help with my downloading. Well, I'm not a very good writer, but I did get to make another story. A dragonball z and tales of symphonia(its a video game) cross over. Please R&R.

P.S. Good Story. Keep it up!
9/12/2004 c9 2blue-katana-girl
oh my head hurts...

I just got slupped upside the head by my father after yelling NO IT CANT BE OVER out loud...

ouch.. damn that hurt!

My pain cannot be in vain, you update for atleast one more chapter or I will personally seek you out and get Aika to lend me her kunai and ninja stars! *smirk*

now, *rubs head* please make an epilouge atleast.


Ja ne!

peace, luv, n' oreos!

9/4/2004 c9 29Wolf of the Frozen Flame
Review #100! Congrats! I promised I'd read this story, so here I am. I've only seen one episode of CL, well, about 75 percent of an episode to be more exact. But this made me want to watch more. I was hanging on every word. Great fic, great job, and you're a great author! I'll be looking for that sequel...
8/25/2004 c9 Sapphire2008
hey it's me again

thanks for all u did again

wow i just read this and it's really good

i can't believe i forgot about it

ttyl keep up the great work jeef
8/14/2004 c9 17Shadow Fox777
Congrads for having the frist Code Lyoco story I ever read. Um, hay I DID go over that one chapter for you and do I get a thank you? No, lol Just kidding I don't mind besides, you already did say thank you. Not a bad story at all by the way. And the reviews show it. s Bitter sweet ending. but all in all a desent story. no, a Good story. one that makes reading good. For a moment, I thought Ulrich had really lost his arm. Great job Dragon.
8/12/2004 c9 firehair-222
im ashamed it took me so long to review. look at all your other loyal fans, here within days but not me. *hangs head in discrace but perks up* good chapters though. It made me so happy when Aelita was recovered. but leaving Mr. Evil style cliff hangers are NOT GOOD. i really hope you write the sequel soon, i expect it to be just as good as this story. keep up the excellent work.

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