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3/19 c1 somekid
it's 2:31am I just found a 30 chapter fanfic... I shouldn't... oh well.
This is awesome! Your writing skill is astounding!
10/14/2013 c16 6lucydod
I can't stop reading this, it's so GOOD! I'm almost afraid to check if there's an ending. Please let this story not stop at a cliffhanger. I might cry XD
8/19/2012 c4 Always
Glorfindel is awesome! As is Fingon, and Feanor, and Beleg, and Legolas, and so on...
:) I love elves.
12/22/2011 c26 I
I don't understand something here...why is Mithrandir using all these to make the prisoner talk? Galadriel could just read his mind...she's well-known for this ability. She could even speak in anyone's mind! She tasted the fellowship for weaknesses, and if I'm not mistaken, she did find Boromir suspicious!
12/22/2011 c17 I
Your story is very, very good! Just one thing though, it's only a suggestion, nothing more: I think it would be better if you gave a more strong appearance to Thanduil, after all he is The Elvenking, and his appearance very strong in 'The Hobbits', someone who didn't show fear. It just seemed wrong to me that he'd be so weak in this one. Also, isn't it a little unfair that Estel wouldn't go to sleep while Thranduil would? Otherwise very good!
10/18/2010 c30 31MissMcGinger
Well that was awesome It took me 4 nights to read for an hour before bed but i absolutely loved it you are an amazingly good writer and may I just say extremely good at cliffhangers (unfortunately for my nails).
6/18/2009 c30 23Destined Darkness
yay, yay, yay, but the happyness doesnt last long i see as i have read the sequal so far, hehe lol
6/17/2009 c8 Destined Darkness
Ia, stupid headache, i loved this story i was hooked on the first chapter, but saddly, stupid fanfiction is pissen me off and i am honestly anoid that it wont let me read the rest of the story, Sigh, breathe, in, out, okay i calm, well no not really (curses asthma) any way i liked this story,okay no i lied, i absolutly, positivly, impossibaly love this story, wow, anyway, please keep writing the tommorow's destiny, story, it is endded on such an evil cliffie that i am going to have nightmares about my two favorite elves, and let us just say that it wont be Legolasa who i am the most worried about, i know he cant die, he is needed in the quest after all, no it is the other, haha my name gives it away


Racheal, Grace, Thranduils.Emel.A.Faer. (Thranduils.Heart.And.Soul.)
4/12/2009 c30 7Freddie23
ah-ha, finally i understand your other fic. read the sequel - tomorrow's destiny - first but went back and read this one.

as always an excellent fic. you sure do love injuring poor old Legolas, don't you.

i have to say i have been impressed with everything i've read of yours so far and am looking forward to reading more.

thanks for yet another great fic.

11/7/2007 c30 1KeiraAchiOkanabe
Yes...the Spiders! :D :D I love your tale of, "The Evil Inside." Man, I wish there were more hurt/comfort writers out there. Especially those who actually enjoy writing the gross medical detail. I love that :D
11/7/2007 c11 KeiraAchiOkanabe
1/2/2007 c26 animefreak44
hey i read 3 of the longer stories you wrote they are realy good so please update soon

p.s. read your profile my cousin says he loves cats ;)

12/19/2006 c27 Lord Makura
question what are they doing to legolas that your not telling us, to stop his fit..
3/19/2006 c30 fan24601
Heya, this story absolutely rocked!

It had quite a few grammatical and spelling mistakes though. But i could tell there were less and less as the story went on.

I love the realism of it all! Glad Thranduil didn't turn up immediately after Elrond notified him. It made it all the more realistic. I also love how the twins and Estel were not there for Legolas the minute he reached Rivendell - it was a minor detail but that made it different from almost 99% of the stories dealing with Legolas being injured! Plus I thought that not revealing who the rider was in the first chapter was very intriguing. More so because the rider was described as having brown hair (and great that you didn't forget to explain why).

Fantastic storyline. Roller Coaster ride indeed - although i thought the idea of Legolas having seizures was a tad bit overused. I thought using the idea of the chess games to lighten the mood of the story was a nice idea too!

Looking forward to reading your sequel! Which i think i'll do now... *grinz*
2/8/2006 c30 memyselfandi
OH. That was good. I did notice something that I found amusing, several time you said 'rollar coaster'. I wasn't aware that they had rollar coasters in Middle Earth*looks puzzeled* lol. You're evil(as if you didn't know that). There was way too much left unfinished here. I really hope the sequel, or whatever, is finished*leans forward and says in a secretive manner* Between you and me, I really hate waiting for updates.
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