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6/2/2008 c1 19jaderook
Someone used spell check and chose the wrong words. You changed from third person to poorly done first person perspective in the same chapter. Appealing? Sadly, not in the least-
11/13/2007 c3 2Prototype7
It was just starting to get good. Please more!
10/4/2006 c3 Potter's Wifey
I totally love it. Please update soon.
8/14/2006 c1 1SLNS
Don't know why you discontinued this. I hope you will change your mind at some point.
7/26/2006 c3 70Aisling-Siobhan
Im loving this, one complaint... im confused! I thought u said his name was Lucian Loki.. where'd this Harvadblahblahwhatever Salazar Riddle name come from? More soon

And ignore Sick of slash, flammers only flame because their parents over protect them and they are jealous of us because we can do what we like over the internet ^^ :)

cya then x
7/17/2006 c3 1SLNS
I thought you were going to be better about updating. lol Sort of just teasing as I know life can be a bitch sometimes. Please update this soon. It's been over 6 months since the last update. I'm begging.
7/4/2006 c3 wackycavegirl
jst lyk 2 say tht it's bn a while since u last upd8ed over a yr in fact. so cld u plz upd8 sn? ;D :D
6/27/2006 c3 skimmie
6/19/2006 c3 4Dreaming-Sensations
You really do need a personal ass kicker to get updates, its been over seventeen months since you updated!
4/10/2006 c3 4ReggieBlack69
yay slashy slash slash. this is one of the very few fics i've found that is actually depicting Harry as evil/dark I love it. the style of writing you use is different from what i'm used to reading, but it takes a talented author to write in first person. keep up the excellent work, I'm from the U.S. btw
3/17/2006 c2 23Dags-Calhoun
Hey, I know this is, oh how to frase this, old as all hell but I was wonderin' if you could perhaps tell me what you said in French there?
1/19/2006 c3 6pixie-dust-24
very good fic, nice idea, i luv dark harry, but you might be going OTT with the snobbiness
12/18/2005 c1 5Kalila Arana Davidson
not bad... if i were to give it a grade... it would be a C-... but its better than a D... :/

~Spark~a girl that has lost life
9/13/2005 c3 11MissiYoung
Please update! I love your fic! I found it in my Yahoo group and followed it here.

What did the French mean, exactly (Apache and Spanish are my second and third languages, so French is Greek to me.)
8/18/2005 c3 5Isabelle M
I really like this. Same as Ch.3's title, this story is almost perfect.
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