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7/22/2005 c3 Lyric
I luv luvluvluv your story. I can't wait till you update. Draco, Harry i mean Salazar's slave? hhm..i luv it. I hope u update soon. ;)
7/11/2005 c3 34Anime Monster
*giggles slightly* Please tell me Tom wasn't Spanish. I mean Harvarendo? Anyways, I love the rest of this story, it's quite interesting.

Update soon.
6/26/2005 c3 1Allienne Bathory
oh oh continue! This is so good!
5/13/2005 c3 hpdmslashrocks
Good chapter. I enjoy evil/dark Harry... its fun. Plus I can't wait to see what happens with Draco. Maybe you should set up a timer through your email (I know yahoo does it) to send you a email everil 2-3 weeks reminding you... "Have you worked on a new chapter yet?"
4/30/2005 c3 4silver woman
OMG!cant you update sooner? what will draco do? what will harry do to draco? poor draco.
4/27/2005 c3 SilverSun23
I love it! Update asap!
4/27/2005 c2 SilverSun23
The french translation would be: "Il est temps de rencontrer les troupes, je suppose", the next sentence is fine. I live in the US but i'm bilingual French/English
4/20/2005 c3 Chelsea
Please, please write more. I love this story!
4/20/2005 c3 4jessicaknows
watch my mouth impact the floor. dark harry i can take. evil draco and harry as overs i can take. i never thought i would see the day i would click on a story in which dray was slave to a dark harry. you go girl!
3/12/2005 c3 Rock and Sarcasm
slave draco... mh.

well... Please post the next chapter soon! thanks bye
3/5/2005 c3 7Samuel John Winchester
please continue..
2/11/2005 c3 Answers
awesome dude! ive been waiting for this chap for a while and it was worth the wait!love the whol slve thing and dom harry ! oh and candrac be a virgin? PLEASE! i love vir draco! oh and i love what youv'e done with dracos charactor so far!
2/4/2005 c3 Angel
I love the evil Harry! Great story i love it.
1/21/2005 c3 11SilenceForever
HAYZ! OMFG! that's brilliant! I couldn't belive that it was you who reviewed my story earlier! I absolutely love this fic! u must update soon! please! *gives snoopy eyes* i'll...give you a present!

P.S.- about your review since i counldn't find you e-mail! I did get the idea from another story, but i hope it's not to much like the other one!

Luvvies and huggles!

1/14/2005 c3 breakingfaith
this is a very interesting story. keep up the good work.
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