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1/13/2005 c3 2L'Arc-En-Ciel
Oh this is interesting write more soon, and I know my name is French but I am not.
1/12/2005 c3 2spinnerofdark
that was intresting i don't think that ither harry(whatever) or his father would like child abuse as they were boath abused, right?

so you want someone to email you alot i can probly do that should be fun.

1/9/2005 c3 5Shadowface
Don't insult your story...Cliche doesn't exsist in Fan Fiction, there is always someone who has never read 'this' pairing or seen 'that' writing style...this was, actually, one of my first Dark!Harry Fics, (Well, this and 'Shades of Black') and it's awesome! Update soon!
1/7/2005 c3 2Kaibutsu
This is such a good story wish to read more update soon
1/7/2005 c3 Relish Enigma
hi-ey! I really don't remember this story, but it's good anywho, so that's okay. Then again, it could be because I've read way too many dark Harry stories. But thats okay, cuz they're fun to read. Don't inhale aroma therapy mist. It makes your throat feel scratchy.


1/7/2005 c3 DEDMUN
killer cool. love the next harry. keep up the great writing, and post again soon.
1/6/2005 c3 amandaaaaaaa
I just realized that I haven't left a review for this chapter. My computer is weird and doesn't let me leave reviews a lot of the time -stabs computer-

“I want Draco Malfoy as my slave.” I say this simply, as if asking for a cookie. M, Slave Draco Cookie. I wouldn't mind having one of those ;)

I found you on neopets! That's soo weird, haha.

If you take /too/ long on the next chapter I may just have to hop on up and be your personal ass kicker :)
1/6/2005 c3 7Selina Novella
Yay! Slave draco in a thong! A emerald Green thong. yum!
1/6/2005 c3 6amber-eyez456
this sucks. the thought of two guys together totally disgusts me, and Harry is the savior not a dark lord! AND I AM LYING OUT OF MY ASS. I love the fic, and hope you upd8 soon.
1/6/2005 c3 9SerpentClara
This may be a cliché, but it's a terribly well-written one.
1/6/2005 c3 MishapsErrors
*Squeal* Harry is so manipulative and slytherin I love it! OH and cliche is cliche for a reason. Why do you think Freddy and Jason movies were so popular? I love Dark!Harry. Update soon.
1/5/2005 c3 ChildeofBlackFriday
Yay! youn updated!
1/5/2005 c3 Dragon123456789
Hey gurl! It's me again! Wow! Even though i've read this chapter just yesterday, i had to read it again. I luv it! It's greatly written and each chapter just keeps getting better and better. I luv how you put it together. It wasn't overly dramatic as some people would usually do if they put the characters in that situation. My favorite part was when Harry told Lucius off when he was about to hit Draco. I don't know why, but i think it was so funny that Lucius was scared to death of 'Harry'. HAHA! I laugh just thinking about it. Anyway, i luv how the ending was too. It was fit with the chapter. I congratulate you on make such a sneaky cliffhanger! Pretty soon i'll be emailing you every 5 min. asking you if your done with the next chapter! :) I soo want to know what happens next!

And it was not too short! It was a good length..not too long and not to short.

well g2g ttyl
1/5/2005 c3 icantfigureouthowtodeletethis
Hey, Song love the new chappy. I can't wait to see what happens next. If you take to long next time I'll email ya til you update. judging from this story and your other ones you have alot of imagination or inspiration. See you on Neopets.
1/5/2005 c3 9swirling-orange-sunset
yayness! you're not dead! i could've sworn i read this a really long time ago, but anyway, great as usual. i mean really. i wish i had half your talent. now start writing.
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