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12/5/2004 c2 HPDM-Slash-Rocks

Im reading three of your stories soon to be 4 maybe with Tulips, but update already... this one, love of a prince and the newest one
10/22/2004 c2 xpaigers91
Great story! It's different than other "Voldemort is Harry's dad" fics. The name Harvarendo just cracks me up. Did you make the name up or did you see it somewhere? Oh and I'm from USA.

BTW: Thanks for reviewing Draco:TheBoyWhoLived. (Original title isn't it- that was sarcasm.)
10/6/2004 c2 2spinnerofdark
i so love what you have so far lily a pureblood thats great; but why didnt she rember voldie? drk harry and draco is even better then reagular harry and draco

9/25/2004 c2 icantfigureouthowtodeletethis
please continue it rocks btw it animerawks from neopets good story very dark.
8/21/2004 c2 mimi
i like this story so far. mostly cause i enjoy reading stories with an evil Harry. Keep updating.
8/20/2004 c2 11oracale
8/15/2004 c2 trixie
where did harry learn to speak french?
7/31/2004 c2 6CuriousDreamWeaver
Interesting fic! It's different. Please write more.


7/30/2004 c2 amandaaaaaaa
Awesome! I loved this! yay! I love fics where it shows that Voldy has emotions...and I also love Dumbledore bashing! yay! *pokes dumbledore with a pitchfork* And we like all the same things...My fav characters are Harry Draco and voldy,(Also Snape :D) And i wuv dumbledore bashing and am in love with Harry/Draco Slash! yay! really hyper, lol. Im off to go write the next chappie to my fic, please update soon!
7/30/2004 c2 BEE
7/19/2004 c2 RandomnessDotCom
interesting.. major ooc with voldemort.. idk.. he seemed way to nice to be a dark lord.. but maybe that is what u wanted.. i like your story so far.. i hope u update
7/17/2004 c2 trixie
umm...its really late and im too tired to think about my second laguage at the moment but i think u should add "Il est" before 'temps'. seront i don't think is in the right tense, but i could be wrong. again i can't really think right now. arrg! im about to fall asleep but i don't want to. anyways, nice story.
7/14/2004 c2 ChildeofBlackFriday

This is Really really good! I like it, it's got alot of things I ask 4 in a story. It has Evil!Harry, DM/HP slash, and Tom Ridle as Harry's father! I can't wait to read the next chappie, so I'm putting u on my Author Alert list.


7/13/2004 c2 MishapsErrors
'tis v. good. update.
7/2/2004 c2 3washedout
Dark!Harry rules! Yeah...nice fic!
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