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6/29/2004 c1 sick of slash
why is there more dark harry that is slash than nonslash..i mean common it does get a bit old i just with i could find a nice action one where harry eventually becomes his own darklord, maybe go through some transformations like old moldyworts did ahh well btw i got nuttin against homosexuals there just too many of those slash stories out there they seem to outnumber nonslash ones
6/29/2004 c2 11henriette
hey, what did Salazar and Voldemort say at the end of this chapter? No Draco yet, oh well I will just have to wait untill the next chapter which I hope will be up soon.

PS: I from Norway
6/29/2004 c1 henriette
hehe god this is so amusing, I read your bio and fics and guess what: you are me nr 2. I love everything you love: Draco(which sane person wouldn't?)Harry(When he is dark/evil)Voldemort(There is always darkness, even the lightest of people sees darkness when they close there eyes)

Granger, Weasel and Dumbledork Bashing, she made them so people could hate them)


Anyway go read my stories, I think you might like them, Dark!Harry with Draco all of them.

6/28/2004 c2 2crazy-lil-nae-nae
I like it, keep up the good work ^_^
6/27/2004 c2 Relish Enigma
this is really good! PLEASE update!

6/26/2004 c2 dragonofnight
yay! lovely chapter there...but I wish lily had just been under a spell from say...Sirius? that way she could have still loved Voldie! oh well. and what does it say in french? I only speak English...and a few words in German...but I'm about to learn Latin...anyways...great work...update please!
6/24/2004 c2 Chelsea
hey! it's me! 20 reviews! WOW! both fics r doing awesome! yw

OMG! im really sry about your grandfather. i hope everything gets better. hope you feel better.

thanks for the compliments in the beginning. it was really nice of u. it was real cool.

really? your sister has the same name as me? woah. thats kinda weird.

in the beginning of the chap,about the ex-spouse thing that's soo true. i've never thought about it that way. lol

well, you're not 'that' bad. LOL. just kidding. it's great beta-ing for you. especially when your fanfics r the best. your kick ass, meg!

well, keep up the great work. g2g ttyl bye.


thanx again.
6/22/2004 c2 kt
wow you are such an awesome author...anyway to the point... i love this story, his thoughts made me smile ...and i'll admit it giggle a bit, your story was dark and yet oddly touching, and you made it seem really believable with lily being from another family because that could be another reason her sister hates her, maybe her parents gave her more attention to try to make her feel loved since she was adopted...maybe i'm thinking way to much about it lol ...and i was thinking about your question about getting together with an ex-spouse and you did have a really good point i never thought about it like made me think i like that in an author please update soon...and remember you got a fan in me :)
6/22/2004 c2 2C'mon
nice story.

Taiwan or maybe Italy? they're both very pretty, but I think Taiwan is still my fav. Its my dream anyway.
6/22/2004 c2 3chiral-inertia
UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! DONT MAKE ME COME OVER THERE! THATS IT! IF I DONT GET ANOTHER CHAPTER IN 5 MINUTES I'M COMING OVER THERE! *taps foot impatiently* Well? i'm waiting! lol Great story, can't wait for more!

6/22/2004 c2 1PeachDancer82

this should be good I can't wait for more, keep up the good work and update soon.
6/22/2004 c2 sadiew
great story, im interested to see how draco reacts to meeting the new harry! i love these types of stories and you have some really good background to yours. will we find out why lily didnt remember voldie?

im really sorry about you losing your grandfather. all the best to you.

and lastly im from england which can be seen on my profile...i just started a dark harry fic myself so maybe you could check it out if you feel like it? its called Under Cover of Darkness.
6/22/2004 c2 Sheree
Love it. Bring on the next chapter.
6/21/2004 c2 12Lunarian
Another nice chapter. I like the part where Harry says to vold hes creeping him out. Goin with Salsazar now eh... overdone. Maybe its just the way i say it in my mind, but i still thought Harverendo fit him well.

Im'a in the Northern America.
6/21/2004 c1 Lunarian
Nice nice, always love a good Evil!Harry story. I have one at its very basic stages still, get around to it someday... anyway I like the story.

The theme of evil harry is nicely carried through with his constant sneering thoughts.

I like how you gave very succint reasons for seeing Ron/Herm and others for befriending him originally, I find myself with trouble makin up such things even if fake.

Interesting name, one of the only dif Harry names that I felt truly fit.
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