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for Kurama and the Mysterious Wizard

8/5/2009 c8 RavenclawRocks
O. I wonder what will happen next?
8/27/2007 c8 17KitsueMage
Why can't you continue? I love this story! GO Yoko
6/12/2007 c8 Miss Edith
Aww... why did you stop?
4/23/2007 c8 Shadowolf21
This fic is very unqioe and I will like you to conuie if you can I f you cant thats ok as well I just like the pairing of Kurama and Harry
11/19/2006 c8 4Zela3
this is the best YYH HP crossover I've ever come acctually make it work...why are you discontinuing it? its beautifuly written, and I kinda want to know what happens why did you discontinue it? its a great fic, and I really like it...please reconcider discontinuing it,or at least tell me why you discontinued it...thanks

11/22/2005 c8 lady booklover
i love your story:)
6/18/2005 c8 1Faith and Kismet
please let it be a Harry/Kurama fic!
6/11/2005 c7 Faith and Kismet
Please, PLease let it be Kurama and Harry please just one fic i would like it to be that pairing please?
1/21/2005 c8 Krimzon
Well, I see that you have abandoned this story as well...You make me sad. Are you HAPPY! You make the Krimzon-san CRY!

It was good, once I got over the OC factor. Even now, I want more Harry/Kurama action. I don't know how, but you make these sort of couples work.

Yeah...Garg. OC bad in fanficiton, especially tourtured ones. That's why I resist fanfic writing, because I'm tempted to put Krow in there, and she's as angst-ridden as they come...
12/7/2004 c8 3host
keep going! You have now officially got me hooked.
11/29/2004 c8 8darksaphire
man kurama is so a hottie...he's got both harry and trina...wish hiei would come back into the story though...and i advise you do something with the other spirit coubt this story could draw more then just kurama fans.
11/13/2004 c8 Pawn'sVictory
That would suck. I mean who wants to go through anything like that? Well, I like how you're using the room of requirement.
11/1/2004 c4 roguekitsune
Pray tell, what is this obssession people have with making upcharacters. Not that I'm totally against it, but they're always in the thick of things or the main char's lover, or both. IT really irks me. Just Wondering. On with the wonderful story!
11/1/2004 c2 roguekitsune
Why is it always owls? I loathe the owls. they're too plain for Kurama. He deserves something special. Like a pretty black cat. Yay! Decent story otherwise.
10/28/2004 c8 blue 12
have i mentioned that all of your fics are beautifully and wonderfully done? i love how you can keep everything in line, and i espically love the element of surprise that you use to keep us on our heels. I was beginning to wonder if Trina had any weaknesses. ^-^ keep it up, i can't wait for chapter nine!
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