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for Shennahan's downfall

1/3/2017 c2 NCISFan
I liked this. Just for info, no way can you walk into the Hoover Building and go anywhere without an escort.
5/27/2014 c2 EvilTheLast
It was a good read.
6/29/2004 c2 Alisa Russell
This is a great story! It is often what I imagined happening in the second half of Chimera or even in the eighth season if they were going to be true to Sam's character. I enjoyed it!
6/24/2004 c2 7Daft As Jack
keep it up.

Nt too sure if the lasy chapter has been cut off after Eternally. Could just be me picking holes!

Great Work, can't wait for more.
6/23/2004 c2 Sci Fi Fan Gillian
That was reat.
6/22/2004 c2 16karatebando
wow, umm, it was scary, good, but scary.
6/22/2004 c2 Scrodinger
hmm, the first chapter was really great! But this second chapter... I don't know. It seems that O'Neill going after Pete six months after the fact was a bit outrages. Unless there is alot that happens in between you could tell us about (hint :) )
6/22/2004 c2 Ilovesg1
Another great chapter. Love Jack in the "Pissed off" mode. I was kind of hoping that the final

chapter would be something along the line of

"and your not invited to the wedding".
6/22/2004 c2 Arumanii
Wow! Brilliant fic! Think u shud let Danny n T at him 4 ur nxt chap...could b humerous!
6/18/2004 c1 17sueKay-04
Great story! Jack's spiel was brilliant. Can't wait to hear what Sam has to say!
6/18/2004 c1 15Cjay
What fun! Manly Jack and his ire! Yes! Get the sniveling little tadpole! Carter's Mistake.. I see a sequel?
6/17/2004 c1 Ilovesg1
Good story. Of all the stories that have been written out the "Pete" situation, this is the first one that really address's not only the

betrayal of her personal trust, but that her

trust worthiness and judgement would be called into question at the SGC because she vouched for him.
6/17/2004 c1 Alariel Elrondiel
Love the story so far. Can't wait for the next part. Please update soon! :)
6/17/2004 c1 17GateSeeker2
Nice touch. I am still livid with how they, Jack and Hammond, didn't or weren't able to react to Pete's untimely surprise at the stakeout. OK - so Sam may not know about his background check on her -yet. But, hopefully S8 will address it. I think you captured Jack's surprise/anger well. If I were Sam I'd be hotter than an hornet! Pete is an idiot! I HATE PETE! Oh, by the way, I'd change your story rating or change your language. The "f" word is definitely NOT appropriate for the "G" reating - more PG13.
6/17/2004 c1 Sci Fi Fan Gillian
That was great.
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