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for Shennahan's downfall

6/17/2004 c1 23Cellar Door 26
i love this fanfic, thank you thank you thank you for writing it! finally some justice.

6/17/2004 c1 angie
wooho! sneaky bastard Pete is going down. loved how you brought Gen Hammonds oh so correct observation on J/S being together is better for Sam. this is just begging for a sequel! more please
6/17/2004 c1 TrancePiloT
Oh Yea! Man would I love to see how that conversation went...(hint,hint) Nice job! I think I'm gonna have a grin on my face all day because of this... Thank You! :)
6/17/2004 c1 Arumanii
About time sum1 wrote this fic! Well dun!

Great fic, write more!
6/17/2004 c1 black leather
Oy. You are evil writer. :)
6/17/2004 c1 Anhti
Love it!...Made me grin the whole time... are you going to continue on this?..please
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