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for Shades of Man

3/12/2005 c1 mimine
Regret yes, but that sudden and impulsive reaction was gone with this mornings garbage.

This one really got me. I could totally see this in Dutch's reaction to what he did. Your Dutch voice is just perfect!
6/18/2004 c1 Katt
Oh yeah this was great :-). Hmm Dutch angst my favourite and so well written, you really got inside his head here - you're so right "yah for psychotic-ness LOL.

This is the first episode tag for "Strays" which I've seen, which is a surprise since the kitty scene is just such a tempting subject for some late night worry on Dutch's part I should think :-). Living in England I haven't seen series 3 yet, but this has made me want to see "Strays" even more.

If this is your first Shield fic I sincerely hope it's not your last, we need some talented writers like you in the fandom . Keep up the good work!

Oh if you don't know there is a Shield Fan Fiction Archive (with over 200 stories archived), and I'm sure the webmistress there Whipper would love to include "Shades of Man" (especially since she'a a huge Dutch angst fan too ;-). Please do consider becoming an author there, and if you need any help finding the site or anything please don't hesitate to contact me, I love to recruit such obvious talent :-).

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