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for Through the Eyes of Essence's Purity

11/20/2007 c1 2Alex Kane
I don't really know anything about StarCraft, but this is a really good story... Good writing. Haha... nice reviews of that kid's crappy Halo stories that are ripped off from movies. Those stories are terrible.
4/25/2006 c3 iwasnthere
this is great story, but realistically the hydralisk wouldn't care for the taste of blood. such a desire has no use to the swarm and thus would be taken out when they were inducted to become zerg.
11/15/2004 c3 1krycalex
*gasp of horror* Oh no! Boo hoo... I didn't even get a chance to... *sob* to hug him... (or it, whatever) Wah... *sniffoo* excellent story, btw.
11/15/2004 c1 krycalex
Aw... *tries to hug the hydralisk but fails miserably* Loved the story.
10/12/2004 c1 killerklown
I really like the way you describe the difference between what the hydra "thinks" and what he has to do, aka the orders he gets from the overmind. You should maybe make us think that this "thought" are instincts of this strange conglommerate of beasts (don't like the hydra-cow-bantha part, but the rest is really ok)
10/7/2004 c3 5Chrono cross maniac
Sweet! Nice ending...Now, just correct the few mistakes that are still in the text...But know that with this story, you've earned my respect. Will the sequel be longer? We need more fics like this.
10/7/2004 c3 2Shagrat
this is very good! keep up the good work then!
9/29/2004 c2 Shagrat
very good story...do some more they're great
7/14/2004 c1 Candcgamer
U no alot about starcraft for not owning any. u probably played it before. or read the booklet. because everything u said about the hydralsik is true.
7/4/2004 c2 Owen
Hey gd story, its cool to finally see one from a zerg point of veiw. Hope the third chapters up soon. gd luck.
7/1/2004 c2 5Chrono cross maniac
Though this is still very good, please proof-read your texts before posting them. Typing mistakes abound in this chapter. Other than that, though, it's still excellent. Keep it up!
6/24/2004 c1 Chrono cross maniac
1) Well, there's a first time for everything, and it's the first time I see someone actually portray the zerg well: As almost mindless drones only driven by the Overmind and pure bloodlust. I tip my cap to you for that.

2) Spelling, grammar and punctuation: A few run-on sentences, but sparse enough to avoid interfering with the story's mood.

Overall, well, good! What more can I say?
6/19/2004 c1 3John Chao
not bad, keep it up. i like the way you painted hte inside of the Servant's mind. i've written a few fanfics myself, go on and check it out
6/18/2004 c1 SylntSyco
Dude, I've never thought that a SC fanfiction could have been good... but... HURRY UP! I wanna see what happens next! Seriously... I'd give tips if I thought you'd need them, but... you dont! Atleast as far as I can see... Good luck and keep up the friggin awesome work!
6/18/2004 c1 19GrimMoody
I like. The obsession with blood from a once herbervorous race is just great.
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