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for Deadly and Blonde

9/26/2016 c14 Shadowpyro13
I like this and would love to know how it ends! Pretty please.
6/25/2014 c14 3Spica75
Maybe continue this again some day?
Pretty neat.
1/9/2010 c14 17Xireana Prime
please write more dieing here! X_X ~ack!
10/28/2008 c13 ReginaSlytherin
I only just found the story and love it. Im gonna stalk for sure. Cant wait to see what happens next :D
10/28/2008 c14 46Master of the Boot
I remember this story. It was one of the first stories I ever read on this website. It's still as good as I remember. I've forgotten most of the characters though, so I'll have to re-read this thing. Yeah, I love Buffy too. Spike was always my favorite, cavemen vs astronauts and all that.

This chapter was fascinating but I've forgotten too many plot details. I thought it was finished a year ago. But now, please see this thing through to the end.


MAster of teh Boot
10/24/2008 c1 9Bloody-Asphode11
Let me guess

5/6/2007 c13 DuchessRaven
Here I go... trying to leave a useful review.

I really like the story overall, and you're pretty good with details. Usually I don't read stories that have a lot of original characters or ones I don't know anything about, but you're merged their interaction fairly nicely. Only constructive criticism I can give is that it could use more descriptions of surroundings to aid with the visual. But that's really a personal obsession of mine, describing everything... it helps set the mood.

I hope I was helpful ^^ thanks again for helping me.
4/23/2007 c13 3Canadian Menteuse
whoot whoot
3/30/2007 c13 AttackingHentaiChibisLoveFluff
Yay! Cute shoujo-ai!
11/13/2006 c12 Nikiya Coleman
5/13/2006 c12 AttackingHentaiChibisLoveFluff
I'm looking forward to many more chapters!
5/12/2006 c12 14Luciferian
Cute although the loli is a bit off putting still very cute.
4/20/2006 c11 Luciferian
WAH still so excellent, im so sorry i haven't reviewed in such a long time.
2/21/2006 c11 HaileyHavoc
Whoa man...Seras is going to make Tamsen a vampire! Does that mean she likes her too? Man, can't wait for the next chapter! Wicked cool story!
2/11/2006 c11 Tnumfive
I'm not at all familiar with Parasite Eve, but I still like this fic.

My one ultra minor beef is that Seres would not be able to turn Tamsen. If you're going by canon (which I assume from the 'are you a virgin' question) only a vampire of the opposite gender could turn someone into a vampire.

But other than that, I don't really have any complaints =D
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