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4/28/2005 c10 3Strange Magic
Wow! i read the whole story(so far) and i loved it, but u need 2 up date! maybe u could also explain a little better.
9/8/2004 c2 19Woe is Me


*giggles and goes on.*

so under fave stories!
9/8/2004 c1 Woe is Me
perfect lemony snicket format!

delicious so far...i believe i shall carry onward!

*spins around then hits submit review*
8/3/2004 c9 Ash-of-Evenstar
Really good! Can't wait for an update! Why couldn't Duncan go and help Violet at lunch? Oh btw...Krakatoa is in Indonesia not Japan...Keep writing!
8/2/2004 c1 vamplvr
even from the summary, i could tell that you were going to keep with Lemony Snicket's dire predictions. It is so refreshing to find fan-fiction that stays true to the original authors basic style@!
7/23/2004 c2 Eve
This was so fun to read! I love your comic spirit when you write, it really enlivens the piece and helped me to jump right in . . . I literally cracked up when you said politely that if you had caused me distress, I was free to go back and read another piece. Your style is unplaceable, it's sublty funny and sharply witted. I loved the first chapter.

I run a website called "Limbo," it's a creative Role-Playing site open to anyone. RolePlaying, or RPing, if you didn't know, is when different authors take turns writing for their own character(s), and interact with the other characters invovled in the site, but it's all in third person, past tense, written like a story. Limbo in particular - my site - has the setting of the place where coma/dead souls go, before being sent to either Heaven or Hell (though with no implications toward Christianity).

We have our own pub with a grouchy punk bartender, a cynical judge, and Limbo itself is run by a former rock star . . . the devil's an insomniac (played by myself) and the goddess is constantly in a rage with him. It's so much fun, and usually quite comedic - just like you seem to enjoy in your story!

Point being, I'd love to have your talent on my RP site. I hope you check out the link and look around . . . though careful of the devil, he's currently drunk. *grins* Thanks again for posting such a wonderful story - it really made my day.

7/6/2004 c3 ME
Oh! OH! Make the figure that jumps at them not be Olaf, but some big wolf-thing...Like Chabo...^_^ I'm obsessed with that name...Chabo...^_^ Ok, ignore me.
6/28/2004 c2 2darkkender
Pretty good start. I don't know what to think of to think of their great Aunt Zenk except that she is strict.
6/25/2004 c2 Violet Baudelaire
Cool...UPDTATE...erm...must find out what happens next!

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